Amiga 500

Long thought about whether to post this, but still could not resist.
I would like to recall this wonderful devayse as the Amiga A500, and those who did not know about the existence of it, tell us what it is.
She lay a long time for me, but one day was gone and now gathering dust in an unknown place to me (though, if you try, you can get it back).
I am glad that before this had profotkat it at least on a mobile phone.

Next, 12 photos, and text.

Number 1
Here it is beautiful.

The reason that made me write here - a surge of nostalgia for the past. Actually, I'm sorry that all of the wonderful "artifacts" of the past go away from our memory.
Amiga brought out of the country, which currently does not exist. The thought of it causes mixed feelings. (Fans say "shkolote not understand" can do this).
If you compare the games (except for them and as a child I could not anything to do in the power otsutviya tools and knowledge of languages), then the game on amiga heavily outnumbered PCshnye both quality graphics and the sound.
The sound is simply incomparable. Not sure that this sound could have been achieved at a time at your PC (sorry if wrong). Image easily compare Searching the Internet for screenshots of games amiga and PC. For example, I can advise to compare great game wing of fury.

Number 2
Amiga covering such a cap not to gather dust.

Number 3
This power supply. Basking slightly.

Number 4
The back side from left to right. (Part 1)

Number 5
Connectors for two input devices, audio disc. (Part 2)

Number 6
Two ports (Part 3)

Number 7
Connector for power supply, RGB-mono adapter. (part 4)

Number 8
RGB-Adapter. I think the purpose is clear.

Number 9
To the right is the drive.

Number 10
And it is a treasure chest. Floppy disks with the games. Now, of course, most do not read. Sorry.
Prehistoric - one of the favorite games.

Number 11
Battered but working joystick.

Number 12
Mouse. An old, gryaznenko, ball mouse.

That's all. Thank you.



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