As the history of Danish children showed igrostroya

Hello, habr Geektimes!

Perevideyshn: Scandinavian day games. One day filled igrami- in your library. With the support of Nordic Game Institute (do not dare to translate it as Nordic Games Institute) and the Nordic Council of Ministers (the Nordic Council of Ministers).

Came quite by accident, with the child to the library to play. Poster seen before, but since Oculus Rift in my house is, absolutely not interested. Well, what they can surprise me?

First, a few words about the Danish libraries. Libraries have long ceased to be a place where take to read books. I would say that now it is not even the main its purpose. Most people come there popolzovavshis internet, print, copy. In addition to books, you can take a drive with music, movies (but not the latest), console games (2 weeks give the maximum), and board games.

There is a children's corner, with books and toys for the little ones and modern consoles for the older ones. That's how it looks:

Xbox One i>

PS4 i>

Wii U

iPad and Nintendo DS i>

For some reason alone, Xbox360 with permanently active Minecraft i>

In short, in step with the times.

Well. I go, I mean, with the baby in the library, and then I met here this machine:

But this is so, flowers. A few more steps, and my jaw dropped. Here they are-berries:

Coolest Spectrum with a built-in recorder. Never such videl.Kogda read word Kempston Joystick, almost in tears.
UPD: wise Quester suggests that Amstrad CPC- not any Spectrum and its partially compatible equivalent, released at the same time, in as a direct competitor. At the same Z80, the same games, but there is no direct compatibility.
Go ahead:

Commodore Amiga. In the living is not ever met. I understand that in the post-Soviet space was maloraspostranen, unlike the Spectrum.

Nintendo Entertaiment System. Dandy. Original also saw for the first time. In my childhood, not far from the house, opened the 8-cue ball rolling. Cost is quite expensive - I do not often able to scrounge money for rent, and only for achievement in school and at home. When, after all, this happy day comes, I, of course, the eyes did not close all 24 hours of the lease.
In the box sat a middle-aged guy and play games, and all around, all day long, crowded with children - watched him play. Part - at the bar, and some - on the street near the window. There really was not clear, but one that did not stop. All time could stand. Of life was!

And last geroy- Sega Mega Drive. 16 cue ball. Dream ... As far as she seemed unattainable cool ... In the box it was not. She was the only one of my classmate. Once I prevailed upon him to give me money for her rent for two days when his parents drove off somewhere. At school, of course, did not go. He was, after all, "Dune"! Ordos, Harkonnen ... However, there was no memory card, so that it was impossible to be saved. Remember this delicious joystick? Soldiers stand only one ... and you can not use the mini-map. Allocated - and drove to scroll to the other end of the field. Then - the next. Repeat until victory. In general, I passed her.
Now when I think - it's horror, unhappy children. Parents are allowed to play for a while before going to bed. You put this Dune and Spahr. And then - "Ten hours! Shuts down and sleep! ". Ahhh! And off to the next day to start all over again. And since the cartridge games were only a couple of pieces - replayability was - oh-she-she! Only when the ancestors somewhere to go, you could walk to the end of the toy.

So, something I digress. In the library, the kids interested and happy to have played in all these unprecedented echoes, so far away for them, period. After all, the oldest, in that these children could play - it's Xbox360 and PC at Prescott. Modern console empty, and crowded around the old kids. Nice, dammit! Especially popular was the Dandy with a gun and shooting at the ducks. Probably everyone reading this, know what it is.

Ah, yes. Was still Oculus Rift, which is also the queue was not. All at once tried it. By the end of more adult fun.

There were board games, but they played a few:

After the event was a safe, from which you can take the old consoles naprokat.Net, the locker stands there all the time, and, apparently, was somewhere in the far corner before. I sprosil- they simply from old times consoles vykidyvali- and not give up until they break.

That's all. In my opinion, a great share. Doubly remarkable that it does not hold private enthusiasts and organizations with the support of the state (although, of course, likely to enthusiasts simply pushed the idea of ​​where to apply). I would like that that were possible, not only in socialist Denmark, but also in capitalist Russia :)

Thank you for your attention.

So Long!



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