The Mystery of the Third Planet 10 years later

When you watched this cartoon as a child the last time? - 10, 15 or 20 years ago? I personally 10, and this cartoon always gave me indescribable joy his "other" world. Yesterday I looked at it again 10 years later when the sister was putting at the request of parents. Then I began to compare their thoughts as the eight-year child and their current experience, zamylennye and changed with time. Then the idea to write this post, I think readers will interestno comparison of opinions of a young child and an adult. Will 26 screenshots, the end will tell.

First of all, we were met by a plate, flying over the city, and the first thought that occurs - "where's the plug?»

it is not surprising that the boxes fall - on what they hold there? - As a child the whole situation caused wild laughter.

Green - a typical pessimist, but was a good uncle.

I even dreamed once this cake as a child, and now such a craving for sweets gone and it does not cause anything except protevorechivyh feelings.

Gromozeka. As a child I was a little afraid of him) And now - 6 hand eye - pencils, roller skate, drink valerian, cool character fantasy authors.

Green is a pity, then what is now ...

On such a small planet of gravity and can be no question.

Funny creatures, I called their mugs.

We got up, looked - and left without a word said, is it polite!

How could confuse someone who sells - I'll never know. And now, 10 years ago.

"The right long tail" - what? So I did never know ((

Indicators - an excellent replacement for the cats and cats.

Wow they udelali them, just like in action movies.

The robots from the planet Shelezyaka - always unevenly them breathing, and even built from the designer. Green and why they did not stay mainly mehannikom? - Only 10 years later I understood why ...

I was not stupid rebenokm, and it is envisioned that these meaningful scales that grow on the mirrors and then as evaporation show the image.

Mother, I did not yet know how, but just used to call bad words first turtle because she broke a mirror, then Green for what he killed her and then Laughter for the fact that he threw the bug. Each in turn, aloud and angrily!

I also wanted to understand and did not understand that it is dangerous.

But where could they escape once these mirrors with mirror fields!

Paddle. That's what I call them now and in childhood.

One of the highlights for me - when I say the ship and on the screen are as talking points.

Cool gun - the weapon of the enemy turns into mud


With this mug was associated with many children's nightmares.

As a child, always I wondered how he found the right of a thousand bricks, as yesterday, trying to remember exactly how to turn.

Nightmare! Again it! Brrrr

That's all. Everyone is happy, prichlyucheniya and jump to childhood ended with the cartoon. The child is sleeping. You can go and smoke. Now 10 years ago. one person, but have different views. No matter what it was and is my favorite cartoon.




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