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Esquire magazine chose from the "Photo of the Day" 50 photos that best illustrate the passing year ...

The first and still the only house built on an artificial archipelago The World 4 kilometers from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The archipelago consists of 300 private islands shaped and follows the map of the world. At the moment, it stopped construction due to the global financial crisis.

16.01.2012 The couple on the background of a cruise ship "Costa Concordia", which crashed on the west coast of Italy on the night of January 14.

19.01.2012 Leaving the moon on a background of mountains Tsvayershpittse (1858 meters above sea level). Upper Rhine Valley, Switzerland.

07.02.2012 embankment of Lake Geneva, in Versoix, Switzerland. Victims of severe cold weather in Europe are already more than 260 people.

10.02.2012 Swiss Pascal Prokop car equipped with wood burning stove, mettmenstetten, Switzerland. Thus the young man is saved from the frost that hit Europe.

16-02-2012 Aerial view of the shanty town of Petare, east of Caracas, Venezuela.

22.02.2012 Controlled explosion of the bridge in the fort in Styubenville Steuben County, Ohio, USA. Department of Transportation closed the 83-year-old bridge three years ago due to the poor condition and rarely used.

29.02.2012 The project "Center of unconscious farming" Henry Ford - a student of the Faculty of Architecture of the Royal College of Art, London, UK. Chickens that have grown in such a center, deprived of all sense organs and limbs in a state of "zombies." According to the author, it would be more humane than the current practice of keeping animals in farms

15.03.2012 Indian family, which claims a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest family of albino. In 50-year-old Rosetauri and 45-year-old Mani pool - six children and two close relatives with albinism.

19.03.2012 picture of a racing car the size of a grain of sand that is printed on the bullet of 3D-printers, Vienna, Austria. Previously, the usual rate of 3D-printing were calculated in millimeters per second, the new technology allows you to create objects with the speed of 5 meters per second by two-photon lithography technology developed at the Vienna University of Technology. In its professional printer constructed as consumables used liquid resin which solidifies at the desired places under the action of a focused laser beam is controlled by moving mirrors. The focal point moving, the line leaves the resin solid polymer thickness of several hundred nanometers. The length of the vehicle shown in the photo, is only 285 m.

29-03-2012 Democratic congressman from Illinois, Bobby Rush is dressed in a hoodie and dark glasses during a session of the House of Representatives, Washington, USA. So the politician expressed his attitude to the murder of an unarmed teenager Treyvona Martin, who was shot and killed last month in a suburb of Orlando, Florida, because of the fact that the police become suspicious of their appearance.

02.04.2012 Installers carry out routine inspection of high-voltage power lines, Anhui Province, China.

04.04.2012 improvised nursery, which contained more than 300 dogs fighting breeds, San Pablo, Philippines. As a result of a police raid arrested seven South Koreans, who are accused of organizing betting and online broadcast of dog fighting.

05.04.2012 Plankton Vaadhu island on the beach, Maldives. The glow is due to bioluminescence - chemical processes in the body of animals in which the liberated energy is released in the form of light.

06.04.2012 Jumper Joe Egan while preparing to speak at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney - the largest agricultural Watching in Australia.

12.04.2012 municipal employees washes 70-meter monument to Yuri Gagarin, Moscow. On April 12, Russia celebrates the Day of Cosmonautics.

17.04.2012 twelve-Ume paralyzed three years ago and since then, its owners have spent thousands of dollars to provide necessary medical assistance dog.

04.05.2012 Lemon shark with a laser S3 Krypton, attached to the dorsal fin near Barbados. Biologist Luke Tipple attached laser in the experiment to study the behavior of fish. The company Wicked Lasers provided him with the apparatus of its production, inspired by the film "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," in which the main villain Dr. Evil would say, "You know, I was in fact one simple demand - damn shark with lasers on their heads." In the film, however, had to settle for Dr. Evil mutant groupers.

12.05.2012 Indian marabou at the dump near the Wildlife diporeia Biel, Guwahati, India. The rapid disappearance of wetlands is becoming a threat to the survival of this species, now their population has less than 1,000 individuals.

21.05.2012 Solar eclipse in Chico, California, USA. Today, residents of the northern hemisphere were able to observe the annular solar eclipse in which the moon covers the disk of the sun is not completely

13.06.2012 miners' strike directed against reduction of state support for the sector, which has continued for more than three weeks, Leon, Spain.

18.06.2012 Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda is a tightrope over Niagara Falls between the US and Canada. Over the past 128 years, Nick was the first person who managed to get the permission of the Commission of Niagara Falls on a similar trick.

25-06-2012 Naked volunteers, painted in red and gold colors, pose for American photographer Spencer Tunick, Munich, Germany. Installation based on the "Rings nibelungov" timed to coincide with the opening of the opera festival.

09.07.2012 to Give water in a house in the town of Krymsk. The flooding that hit the Krasnodar region, according to official figures, killing more than 170 people, including 160 - in Krymsk.

20.07.2012 The trees covered with snow, near the Arctic Circle c. The author of the image - a student from Italy Niccolo Bonfadini - alone spent nine days in the area.

24-07-2012 Greger Johansson during the qualifying round of European Championship drag racing, Stockholm, Sweden. The engine on a motorcycle exploded Johansson when he warmed the tires before the race.

30.07.2012 Fighting robot Kuratas, developed by Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry, Tokyo. The cost of four-ton machine that is currently undergoing testing and soon to go on sale, will be $ 1, 35 million. You can control the robot as a remote and sitting in the central part of the body.

07.08.2012 The unknown dog breed Airedale, captured by photographer-animal painter Wren Nezerlendom at a US trade show. The dog was decorated with portraits of Kermit the Frog, the Great Gonzo, Miss Piggy, as well as the character Beast from the Muppets.

13.08.2012 pool located on the 24th floor of the Hotel Holiday Inn, Shanghai, China.

16.08.2012 Homes on the roof of the eight shopping center, Zhuzhou, China.

30.08.2012 Sue Austen and her invention - the underwater wheelchair, which she developed with the help of scientists and expert divers, London, UK. This week, Sue will be involved in the play under the water in the basin of the city of Weymouth. The performance is part of events dedicated to the cultural program of the Paralympic Games.

04.09.2012 The celebration of the "Day of red," Breda, the Netherlands.

07.09.2012 Release of material from the outer layers of the solar atmosphere, the speed of which is 1500 km / s. When the ejection reaches Earth, it could have an impact on its magnetic field, causing auroras, magnetic storms, disruptions of electrical equipment, deterioration of propagation conditions.

14.09.2012 87-year-old Joanna Kaas, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most mature gymnast in the world, London, UK.

20.09.2012 Parliamentary elections, the village Kurkova, Belarus.

25.09.2012 tardigrades shot, made with an electron microscope. Tardigrades - a type of microscopic invertebrates of no more than 1, 5 mm, known for their endurance and the ability to go into suspended animation under particularly adverse conditions of life. Thus, the space they can survive the radiation temperature of -271 ° C in liquid helium pressure 6 times higher than the bottom of the Mariana Trench and 120 years hibernation.

04.10.2012 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev feels small arms at the site of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) Klimovsk, Moscow region

12.10.2012 The eyeball of an unknown substance that was found on the beach in Pompano Beach, Florida. The find will be sent to the Florida Research Institute of Ichthyology and Wildlife for further study.

16.10.2012 Members of the Free Syrian Army launching a homemade bomb during clashes with regular troops, Aleppo, Syria.

18.10.2012 One of the eight data centers of Google, Douglas County, Georgia, USA.

24.10.2012 Dried River Delta, District of Kimberley, Australia.

26.10.2012 Somali fishermen catch bear market, Mogadishu.

30.10.2012 View of Manhattan after the city started having problems with electricity due to the hurricane "Sandy", New York, USA.

08.11.2012 boy goes to school, Pinto Gabang, Indonesia. Because of heavy rains suspension bridge, which was the only way from his village to the institution collapsed, and people have to travel the river on the ropes at a height of 10 meters.

19.11.2012 The winners of the first Brazilian Olympics among nudists on the podium, Sao Paulo, Brazil. About 60 people in three days competing in 30 disciplines.

11.22.2012 The new road in the province of Zhejiang, China. An elderly couple living in this house, refused to sign the agreement for the demolition of the house due to too low, in their view, compensation.

27.11.2012 Farmers pour milk police during a demonstration against a decline in prices for dairy products, Brussels, Belgium.

30.11.2012 House, which slid into a swamp during Hurricane "Sandy", Staten Island, NY.

10.12.2012 48-year-old Randall Shepherd and 56-year-old Larry Duncan before the wedding ceremony, Seattle, Washington. December 6 in the state of Washington enacted a law allowing same-sex marriages.

12.12.2012 The first soldier in the history of the Royal Scots Guards professing Sikhism, London, UK. 25-year-old Singh Dzhatinderpalu Bhularu not allowed to shave his beard and wear a turban instead of the traditional black cap made of bear fur.



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