Without Photoshop. Part 2

The lake is in the south of France, was caught by one of the largest carp in the world. The giant fish weighing 15 kilograms with an orange goldfish scales reminiscent of a fairy tale.


Wedding photographer was lucky enough to go out and witness this incredible scene. Rob Sharrock was able to capture this monstrous cloud-roll, which seems to go on forever. Mr. Sharrock from Australia, lives in a house with a shed to the left of the frame.

Highest in the world model.

The American model of Eve rising 2 meters 5 centimeters - the highest model in the world. Bikini sew it to order - it is not in the store to buy. For comparison - the girl standing next to the growth of 1 meter 62 cm.

Dream or reality

When you first look at this photo, I remember the film "Home", the main role in which he played an aging krasavulkin Leonardo DiCaprio. This is actually a photo of French artist Philippe Rameta (Philippe Ramette). And instead of spending $ 150 million (the film's budget), the resourceful lyagushkoed just turned the camera. By the way, all photos Philippe Ramette insanely beautiful.

Frilly people

This painted dude - the work of the artist Alexa Meade (Alexa Meade). As the author says, "I paint portraits of people of direct and perfectly expresses my interpretation of their essence." Although the ears it sounds like - I love to spoil people in the subway. I mean, Alexa Meade draws on the man and his clothes, then launches to the tribesmen.

Man half a head

This image first appeared on the website of the newspaper Miami and immediately attracted attention. Pile comments screaming "Photoshop", flooded the site. Moreover, it is not a fake, the guy in the photo is able to lead a normal life! Miami Police have arrested a criminal by the name of Carlos Rodriguez, who is far from the standard appearance - he is completely absent frontal part and more than half of the skull. Police arrested this unusual man on suspicion of pimping, robbery and possession of marijuana.

Gorilla banned cub playing console

Like any caring mother, the gorilla took away her son console to play the most. The kid was very interested in the prefix, falling from an awkward visitor San Francisco Zoo in his cage, but the gorilla mom decided that cub games will not benefit, and took away her son a new toy.

Carefully inspect the console, start enthusiastically gorilla press down, staring at the screen. Sensing the situation, the injustice, the poor kid was pulling his hands to the toy, which he found.

Unusual Aquarium

At first glance, this picture which shows a diver in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin - photoshop. But the reality is that this is really millions of liters of water that filled the post in the atrium.


Photo which at first glance seems to be treated Photoshop - real. It happened in Russia, Volgograd region, after the firestorm that destroyed 80 houses. No one knows the cause, but the telephone line continues to run. Probably because the Russian! :)

Rails Salvador Dali.

Photo proving ridicule the nature of what we call progress. What you see is the result of an earthquake in New Zealand. Professionals that you see in the pictures - it is a pity, as it is not clear to align. "Hurry up guys, the train is 10 minutes!»

Hermitage of St. Columban in Trentino, Italy

Calling the laws of physics

Alpine goat (Ibex) has decided to defy the laws of physics at the Italian dam Cigino.

The dip in the ground. China


The photo below shows the aircraft marks Blue Angels (Blue Angels). Blue Angels - aerobatic team of naval forces of America. Aircraft rush to mind-boggling speed, tightly close order.

Shepherd level 80

Luigino Balzan shepherd leading a flock of sheep to pasture San Boldo, between the provinces of Treviso and Belluno.

Geyser Fly

The incredible beauty of the geyser in the pictures ... as if from the world of fiction ... Fly Geyser is located in Washoe County of Nevada, is a private ranch Fly. In the distant future on the site 1914godu geyser worked drillers, oil, they have not been found, but doburilis to underground ozera.Poskolku their attempts failed, the lake they certainly zakonservirovali.Proshlo time, as much as 44 year and the water was apparently closely in this reservoir she found out and began to erupt from the drilled cavity.


Optical illusion and no photoshop. The work of the Brazilian artist Regina Siveyra.


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