Without Photoshop

All these photos were taken with the help of graphic editors ...

Cthulhu awakens from his long sleep

It seems that these three surfers are about to swallow Cthulhu, or at least a pack of huge octopus. It all depends on how malobyudzheten the horror movie, which is taken from this frame. In fact, here's what a wave of direct sunlight when there is enough algae to choke sperm whale and it's not so rare. Of course, this simply means that when a monster with tentacles still decide to attack, they will be hidden in the midst of these algae, until it is too late.

You can almost hear their cheerful whistling while working

What looks like a picture of the new advertising of Coca-Cola, in fact the real picture. And no, this is not the corpses of ants glued to their tiny paws lid, if you think about it, Professor Heartless. This is a series of pictures that photographer Andrey Pavlov did outside his home, after studying the life of an ant colony. He is a former designer, allowing him to make a stunning installation, with whom they could interact ants in the most human way.

Invisible Man playing hockey

Even knowing that this is the real picture, you spend a few minutes on it to find out what is happening in this photo from the archives of Sports Illustrated. And judging by the surprised expression on the right Maltz, live too all looked strange. Unfortunately for Norwegian hockey team, player number 55 Ole-Kristian Tollefsen has no ability to teleport out of a sticky situation. If you look at the left armpit, you can see the hair and define the position of his head clamped. I would like to think that the red-haired lad was a fan of X-Men, and left with the game, saying to his father: "I saw it, they exist!"

The artist did not have to strain to write this picture


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