The tragedy happened in the heart of Rostov.

The tragedy happened in the heart of Rostov. It happened around 15:00 on May 17, when the driver of the bus number 42 "Selmash - Central Market" pulled up to the stop "Gardening" on Budennovsk, opposite the "House of Officers." Whether approached too close to the curb, splashing people (an hour before heavy rain started), or reserve a right side view mirror standing at the stop rostovchanina, but between them there was a conflict. Men began to quarrel, then switched to using foul language, as a result of standing on the street 44-year-old pedestrian threw toward the bus driver and the butt, and he turned to depart. This dismissive gesture so touched 50-year-old driver, in his heart, he grabbed a knife lying and jumped out of the car. He quickly caught up with the offender and hit him in the neck.

Here is the exact chronology of the events on the basis of the testimony of witnesses.
Stood at the bus stop man Igor, the bus arrived and stopped in the distance from the stop, as near a huge puddle and was the rain, the guy made a remark to the driver, saying that there are two buses would fit what the driver said he knows the best, it driver the guy he vozrozil abuse and threw a cigarette butt on his front steps, the driver jumped out and stab a guy in the head right in the neck than cut all the arteries, a guy came to the bench to stop and with the mouth he was divisible much blood it for 5 minutes as he sat lost 2 liters of blood and then died, people call an ambulance, but it never arrived, we found out that the driver of a former prisoner, a company in which he worked namely Auto-Line has written what he was like as good of his convictions even not words, even showed him the wrong age, underestimated for 3 years.



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