In the Sea of ​​Japan there was an accident on Russian nuclear submarine

20 people were killed and 21 injured. In fact the accident on a submarine prosecuted.

Report Alexander Botuhova.

The Bay "Big Stone" nuclear submarine enters its course, accompanied by a rescue ship "Sayan". Somewhat earlier, arrived at the port of Vladivostok and the large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Tributs". It was he who brought the injured and the dead.

Igor Dygalo, Head of Information and Public Relations of the Russian Navy, Assistant Chief of the Public Relations and Media: "As a result of the accident killed 3 sailor and 17 civilians».

The tragedy occurred on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Unauthorized worked chemical fire extinguishing system in the first and second compartments of the boat.

When triggered, the system will automatically sealed compartments, and in the heat source is supplied freon, which displaces oxygen and quickly extinguish the flames. At the same time, each member of the crew of the submarine to be a portable breathing apparatus. But the submarine was on sea trials, she had not even been introduced in the Navy and on board were a lot of civilians. Which is probably not able to respond quickly to the situation.

Igor Dygalo, Head of Information and Public Relations of the Russian Navy, Assistant Chief of the Public Relations and Media: "On board the submarine were 208 people, including 81 military».

Experts say all systems are working boats, as they say in the Navy "in the normal mode." Without this submarine just would not give to go to sea. What led to the triggering of fire extinguishing system in the first compartment only to be seen. The most important thing on a boat in the Sea of ​​Japan, where the tragedy occurred radiation levels are normal.

Igor Dygalo, Head of Information and Public Relations of the Russian Navy, Assistant Chief of the Public Relations and Media: "The boat has no damage. The compartments are ventilated. Emphasizes the main power plant, meaning the reactor compartment, it is operating normally. The radiation background at the boat normally ».

All the victims were operational assistance, they have brought here to the main Naval Hospital Pacific Fleet. This is mainly specialists repairers, their lives have not threatened.

Vladimir halyavki, deputy director of the shipyard, "nothing terrible will happen. They will be cured and back, because the state at all satisfactory. We organized buses, they drove the relatives so that they could calm down ».

About what happened to the submarine was immediately reported to President Dmitry Medvedev. The President instructed Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to conduct a thorough investigation.

The boat was made at the Amur shipyard. Since it has not yet been put into operation, it has no name. But it is a new project of the third generation nuclear submarines' Nerpa ».

Vladimir Markin, head of media relations of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Prosecutor's Office: "In a criminal case is initiated, scheduled and has already conducted a number of examinations. Including forensic, judicial, technical and organizational. Already conducted the first forensic examination, the results of which indicate that the death was a result of falling into the lungs of victims of Freon gas ».

Shooting compartments where the accident occurred, is prohibited. On the scene are specialists of military prosecutors. On the results of the investigation the military promised to report in the near future. It announced that each family of the deceased will receive compensation from the regional budget of 100 thousand rubles.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered to provide all possible assistance and support to families of the victims. The President also instructed the Minister of Defence to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident.


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