Hyper-realistic animals and acrylic resins

Artist Keng Lai from Singapore using acrylic paints and epoxy resin creates unusual works of art. Many of his works take the photo. Keng Lai uses the technique, which was first introduced by Japanese painter Riuzuke Fukaori. With this technique creates the illusion Lai Keng animals floating in the water by means of resin. On top of it is covered with a layer of acrylic paint.

His first series of works by Ken Lai began in 2012. Illustrations were all "flat". Using a hierarchical arrangement of resin and acrylic paint on different parts of the illustrations he created depth. The laborious process requires maximum patience and attention to detail, as each part is composed of multiple layers. In general, well-dried and inflicted layers to create a real sense of depth and life.

This year Keng Lai decided to do an experiment with an octopus, to see whether this technique will advance to a higher level. It is covered with acrylic paint and resin included in the action 3D element. It was a small pebbles for octopus.

For the artist used a turtle shell eggs, and for the rest of acrylic paint. It was all started to make illustrations more 3D effect.


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