Amazing medicinal properties of asafetida: ancient recipes of Oriental medicine

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Hilti (asafoetida; lat. Ferula assa-foetida)

Hilti is a gum from the plant called "anjuman," and in Egypt it is called the "Abu Kabir". The highest quality Hilti — red, with strong odor (like the smell of garlic, onion), which he does not like some people, and other types of hildita, in addition to red, the smell is even stronger and worse. He has the power of gravity, reduce the meat and dissolves it, and in comparison with other tree resins it is the hottest and sparse, and therefore has great absorbing effect. With regard to the use of hildita, its a lot – part of it was known in ancient times, on other aspects of use, almost nothing is known.

1. Asafoetida removes mucus, has expectorant action that clears the chest and the voice (if Hilti dissolve in water and drink, hoarse voice cleared; he also helps with the chronic hoarse voice and chronic cough).

2. Hilti has a curative effect in inflammation of the tonsils, if you mix it with honey and spread this mixture in the mouth. If you make the dressing ChildItem, mixed with vinegar, it will eliminate the clots in his throat.

3. The antidote. If you drink asafoetida, it can protect from the action of poisons. It is also possible to smear open wounds inflicted by poisoned arrows. Asafetida mixed in warm vegetable oil and RUB it stings of Scorpions.

4. Hilti improves vision, relieves cataracts, cancers, and diseases of the eye. It eliminates tearfulness of eyes, if you mix it with honey and bring them to the eye. It is also placed on the worn tooth, and it soothes toothache.

5. It helps with the ear pain (tinnitus) and chronic hearing loss, if it boil in the oil, and then drip.

6. Hilti helps with arthritis and joint pain. It is effective in the treatment of diseases of the nerves, helps with paralysis of the face, if you RUB it into the skin, under normal paralysis and spinal pain, with weakness of nerves. It gives the sciatica, helps against pain in the hips and thighs, if it is drunk or used as a topical ointment.

7. Asafoetida purifies the blood and removes fever.

8. For internal use Hilti expels wind, eliminates stagnant blood in the abdomen and helps with colic. In the amount of 2 grams of it is used in chronic diarrhea. It also helps with intestinal ulcers, removes worms, useful for stomach and liver.

9. It dissolves internal tumors, harmful fluids, helps the dropsy, jaundice, inflammation of the spleen, and outputs the remaining in the body of the bad fumes.

10. Helps with hemorrhoids reduces and dries. Is a diuretic and removes the detention of urine, contributes to miscarriages and increases menstrual blood, if you eat it with the myrrh and pepper.

11. The Indians use it in a variety of ways to increase the potency.

12. Hilti helps in malignant and solid tumors for external and internal use. Currently it is used in the treatment of cancer and other diseases and shows good results.

13. As a cosmetic it helps from lichen and freckles, eliminates warts and removes scars. Along with vinegar it is used in alopecia (hair loss).

14. Hilti helps to remove witchcraft in one's stomach if you drink it on an empty stomach in the amount of 1-2 grams daily.

Hilti and diabetes. Arab proven method for the treatment of diabetes

1. 1 gram of myrrh,
2. 1 gram of incense,
3. 1 gram of aloe
4. 1 gram of black cumin,
5. 1 gram of asafetida.

Method of application:
All components are assembled together, and they added water into the jar of juice (6 glasses).
The mixture is then heated over the fire until it reaches boiling temperature for 10 minutes.
The water is then purified, cleaned of impurities, is placed in a glass dish, and the patient begins to apply it in the following way:

1. One coffee Cup. Drink every morning before Breakfast for 4 days.

2. One coffee Cup. To drink in a day for 3 days.

To fully utilize this water. After this the patient can eat what he was contraindicated. It was found that during treatment patients get diarrhea, but 3 days later it stops.

Hilti and tonsils

In the treatment of inflammation of the tonsils is taken the juice of mulberries or powder hildita with vinegar. This need to rinse the throat several times a day.

Hilti and cancer

Taken a piece of myrrh (the size of a coffee bean) along with a piece of keltica (the size of a lentil seed). Myrrh and Hilti need to drink with a glass of milk sweetened with honey. Apply daily for 3 months.

Additional information

Asafoetida [pers. resin + lat. foetida stinking] – the dried juice of the umbrella of the Central Asian plant of the same name; a resinous substance dramatically garlic odor; used in medicine (mainly in hysteria) and as a spice (in the East).

Synonyms: Asafoetida (حلتيت), Hing, Ilan, amargos, Hilti, Ferula smelly.


Deserts of Central Asia, dry slopes of the mountains of the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, India.

In the VI century BC asafoetida was imported to North Africa (Cyrenaica), where it first spread, but then in the second half of the I century ad, was ruthlessly exterminated due to the large demand for it.

The collection and storage of asafetida

Getting gum (resin) asafetida — a complex and lengthy process, so do it professionals exclusively. The finished resin may be stored in a sealed container in a cool place for 1 year.

The content of useful substances

The main medicinal component of asafetida is dried in the air a milky juice (gum) is extracted from the roots of the plant. From it in the pharmaceutical industry are made tinctures, water extracts, emulsions, pills, used in nervous diseases, hysteria; anti-asthma, cough, anticonvulsant pill, pills, improves digestion.


Asafoetida is used as the resin and powder. Resin spend very carefully, and absolutely necessary to fry it in oil. In addition to a significant improvement of taste, asafoetida and still more soluble in fat and is evenly distributed in food. The resin used in very small quantities — a single pea can be flavored a large pot. Asafetida powder get, mixing the resin with rice flour. Thus, the reduced concentration of flavor, and then add asafetida in your food much more convenient. In addition, the powder can be used without roasting. Its only drawback — the scent disappears fairly quickly, while the resin retains its scent for decades.

Asafoetida doesn't overlap with onions or garlic, but perfectly replaces them. Good taste asafoetida Alliance is with turmeric, cumin, black mustard and ginger.


Asafoetida — Asian spice and is used mainly in the cuisine. In modern Iranian, Afghan, Kurdish cuisine it is added to grilled and stewed meat, mainly lamb. In the Indian and Javanese kitchen with her cook the vegetables and rice. Asafoetida is ideally combined with rice, by itself or mixed with other spices. It also put in curry and canned in West and South India.

It enhances digestion so that it can help, as they say in India, to digest nails. Therefore, it is many valuable recipes, delicious but indigestible food. It definitely added to the bean, she's good in tortillas, rice dishes and various vegetables.

Mashed potatoes laced with roasted mix asafetida, onion, cumin seed, chili powder and turmeric is one of the simplest and most surprisingly delicious dishes.

Who are experts in the scents perfumers add it to some colognes and perfumes.

Ibn Sina's "Canon of medicine" wrote about the medicinal properties of asafetida: "...helps with herpes, it's good for treating internal and external abscesses".

"Full Russian illustrated dictionary-herbalist and flower garden", edited by Salesboy E. N.:

"The ancients used the resin as a spice in the dish, and at the same time serve them as medicine. Adopted inside the resin secreted through the skin through sweat, urine and through the lungs. Large receptions resin can cause stomach suffering, nausea, headache, dizziness. Doctors prescribe asafoetida people suffering from hysterical seizures. Observed in these people fear, headache, various nervous pain, even the paralysis improved under the influence of this tool. Convulsions and paralysis, not caused by nervous disorders, treatment asafetida don't give in".

In medicine, asafoetida is used to treat arthritis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, it restores hormonal functions of the adrenal glands and gonads. It is used in hysteria, it has antispasmodic, sedative and laxative properties. Since ancient times, with its help get rid of ear pain: if a small piece asafetida be wrapped in cotton wool and put in the ear, the pain will soon calm down. In veterinary medicine it is used against intestinal and skin parasites.

If you drink asafoetida in pomegranate juice, this helps with the breakdown of muscle and pain in the nerves caused by, for example, spasms and paralysis.


Good as an ointment with honey for incipient cataract.


If you dissolve asafoetida in water and drink SIPS, it immediately clears the voice and helps from chronic roughness of throat.


The resin is applied to the place bitten by a rabid dog or a snake, Scorpion or black widow. Drinks or ointments with olive oil it helps to resist the poisons."

Spice is a powerful digestive stimulant. Drug-based powder asafetida — GigaStack churna — India's most popular remedy for indigestion.

Asafoetida is sometimes unbearable not only for our families. She drives tapeworms from the gastrointestinal tract. Is one of the strongest antibacterial and microbicides.

Asafoetida is also recommended for the treatment of gynecological diseases and impotence. It helps with the belated and painful menstruation, eases pain and relieves spasms.

Externally a paste of asafetida applied when abdominal pain, arthritis and joint pains.

Gases in the gastrointestinal tract

Dissolve the powder asafetida in hot water, soak in a solution of fabric and put on the stomach. This will relieve the pain. Brew 1 teaspoon of equal parts ground cardamom, fennel and asafetida in 1 Cup of boiling water. When a little cool, to drink.

Diseases of the respiratory tract

In the treatment of whooping cough, asthma and bronchitis mix a pinch of asafetida 2 teaspoons honey, 1/4 teaspoon of white onion juice. Take 3 times a day.


The scent of the resin of asafetida and prevents anxiety.

Childhood diseases

For children with minor mental disorders asafoetida is a natural cure. When hysterical calming effects will have an enema prepared with a pinch of asafetida to a glass of water.

Women's diseases

Asafoetida is used for infertility, threatened miscarriage, painful menstruation and leucorrhoea: a pinch of asafetida and roast in the melted butter, mix with 0.5 cups of goat milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. Take 3 times a day for a month.

Because asafoetida improves digestion and acts as a tonic, it is also recommend that women in the postpartum period when the body needs additional support.


If there is no possibility to help the dentist, dissolve asafoetida in half a teaspoon of lemon juice, a little heat. Dip it in the solution with a cotton swab and put it on the aching tooth. The pain will subside.


A gargle prepared from a pinch of asafetida and 0.5 teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm water. Antiseptic, analgetic and astringent properties of these herbs will help early relief and recovery.


In cases where no specific dosage, asafoetida should be taken in small amounts (no more than 1/4 teaspoon of powder). For pure asafetida dosage halved.

Contraindications: do not overuse the spice at high temperature, acidity, pregnancy, rash.published

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