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For some, the phone is the only means of communication for someone imidzhevym devaysom, and someone uses it and different spheres of life (nails, for example, scores). But (and maybe I'm wrong) want communication looked like something fun, not like everyone, or just your hands and got nowhere to make them your phone becomes a victim ...

No no, we break it will not only cover the back cover layer of carbon fabric (carbon fiber).

Small little list of what is needed for needlework:
Carbon flap (size depending on their covered Circuits);
a little bit of epoxy resin;
masking tape;
set of skins (360, 600, 1200);
actually, obёkt.

I will carry out their experiments on the back cover of your HTC HD2.

After removing the need to slightly roughened surface, the resin is well stuck to it and degreased with acetone. While acetone disappears do frame of carboxylic tissue. The inner part of the frame should be with a margin relative to the cap, at 5-10 mm per side.

Dilute a little epoxy, warm it, but without fanaticism, so as not burnt. Warming is necessary to reduce the polymerization time to the state "to touch." This resin smear the lid and putting a ugletnkan. It is possible for an extra confidence to fix the ends of the base frame. After the resin is thick ("to touch" - when the finger sticks, but it does not stay resin) can be re-fluff cloth divorced sparse resin and leave for a day before her final polymerization.

nyav scotch and cut off the excess get just such a cap. Now it must be poshkurit 360 sandpaper (remove explicit projections) Hides necessary with water, otherwise the skin just hammered. I'm the skins in a small bath.

After drying, the more we put a layer of liquid resin.

The next day, when the resin is polymerized, it is necessary more proshkurit 600 and 1,200 skins. After drying, coated with a layer of varnish.

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Now it remains the case for small, polished by irregularities, which were formed by coating the varnish and put back on the phone.

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More photo

Many sites and blogs I've seen this "tuning". In the records of the commentators on the article wrote that the phone will not work in GSM module, Wi-Fi or GPS. I would like to deny it.

GSM module and Wi-Firabotaet.

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Well and GPS too furychit flawlessly even in the room (by the window).

That's it, basically. So you can "decorate" everything it can attach carboxylic cloth.

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