Eco-tuning for a conventional Bicycle

The twenty-first century is steadily moving across the planet. Along with the bike in the future and go Cycling accessories. Now, to decorate bike wheels, it is not necessary to mount the "reflectors" or coil the colored wire on the spokes. Eco-technology Mapkey Light Pro creates an unusual tuning for an ordinary bike.

For this you need to attach a set of Mapkey Light Pro to the spokes of the wheels. The set includes eight luminous elements four on each of the wheels of the Bicycle. Works, Mopco Light Pro from ion-injection charging batteries which will last for 4-6 hours. After every battery can be charged using the USB adapter.

The main feature of Mapkey Light Pro — light panels that are capable of reproducing the animation, which they "throw off" the very happy owner of the device. The operation and configuration of the panels is made via Bluеtooth connection from your phone or smartphone user.

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