Day of the Navy

Writes Sergei Anashkevich:

Day of the Navy this year celebrated July 29th. In honor of this day in Sevastopol will be held joint parade of Russian Black Sea Fleet and Naval Forces of Ukraine, which will bring together more than 30 Russian and Ukrainian warships and auxiliary vessels, 30 combat vehicles and over three thousand troops
On Thursday, July 26 in Sevastopol held a joint rehearsal of the parade with the passage of warships and development of episodes of military sporting event to demonstrate the capabilities of the Navy
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2. The rehearsal began with the Count's Quay, where the sailors lined the ceremonial building fleets of both countries in the parade

3. Pending fleet commanders

4. The ceremonial passage of Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Fedotenkova and Acting Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Yuri Ilyin along the parade ship fleets of Russia and Ukraine.
In the first front lines are the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation: the Guards missile cruiser "Moskva" and the patrol ship "OK", as the Ukrainian Navy ships: a frigate "Getman Sahaidachny" and control ship "Slavutich»

5. Ship Management Naval Forces of Ukraine "Donbass» (U500)

6. Black Sea Fleet patrol ship "OK" (801)

7. Ceremonial formation on the stern, "Okay»

8. Ukrainian Navy flagship "Getman Sahaidachny» (U130)

9. The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Guards missile cruiser "Moskva" (121)

10. The missile armament of the cruiser "Moskva»

11. View of the Guards missile cruiser "Moskva" stern

12. The first line of warships fleets of Russia and Ukraine during the dress rehearsal of parade in honor of the Navy

13. The second and third line was represented by a large anti-submarine ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Kerch" and support vessels

14. A large anti-submarine ship Black Sea Fleet "Kerch" (713)

15. After the solemn passage of ships along the line, the main action will take place in the waters of the Sevastopol Bay. Every year, on the eve of the Day of the Navy, about the character of the city Monument to the scuttled ships constructed plavprichal, where the team held a parade and demonstration of the capabilities of the Navy

16. The audience during the dress rehearsal. To get to the most convenient place for the review, people come to 7am.

17. Dress rehearsal of the residents of Sevastopol enjoyed no less popular than the hits.

18. Despite the nearly 40-degree heat and the scorching heat, the audience no room to swing fall

19. In anticipation of the parade

20. Waiting in the roads

21. And on the ships. Before the celebration of Navy Day was one day.



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