Enjoy the spring and "sunny" mood ...

... With gizmos that you can buy right now: vk.cc/1ste98

1. Lunch box "Smart pot" is a set of two airtight containers with a convenient handle. They are tightly closed, that allow to carry not only solid foods, but even soup or porridge!
Details: vk.cc/1stera

2. Amazing nightlight "Avatar" is designed as a fancy mushrooms with Pandora. During the day - it's just a beautiful plant in a pot, but as soon as the room was in the evening twilight, they break out soft light!
Details: vk.cc/1steDI

3. Map knife (made) is an ultra-light and super sharp folding knife the size of a credit card, it can be easy to carry, not only in your pocket or bag, but even just a wallet. Undoubtedly, such a gift, appreciate any man!
Details: vk.cc/1steQI

4. Curler «magic leverage» - just over an hour with their help you can get curls, no worse than the hair salon!
Details: vk.cc/1stf8p


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