What can you buy for $ 1 in the different countries

It would seem, well, what you buy for $ 1?
In fact, a lot, that's just what country?
Let's find out.

Cambodia: two glasses of draft beer in the so-called "happy hourĀ» (Happy Hour), a delicious roast with ginger frog, cotton scarf Krama (traditional headdress), three crispy fried spider, 20 minutes of "fish pedicure" (yes, such a case), 4 liters of drinking water, a T-shirt from Angkor Wat (for an extra 50 cents shirt is, however, much better quality), two cans of "Coca-Cola", two dragon fruit or 50 grams of the Danish blue cheese. In addition, $ 1 per kilogram of laundry can be washed in the laundry room.

Austria, Vienna: Muffin Kornspitz.

Philippines: a half-hour foot massage, a scattering of small fried fish, haircut for men with short hair, 28 cigarettes "Marlboro" coffee 7Eleven, 3 batteries AA, two o'clock Internet access, 4 donut to Mr. Donut, 2 km by taxi, 4 liters of drinking water or lots of rice.

Spain: the Canary Islands, especially in Tenerife, one dollar, you can get a cup of coffee, but not in the popular resorts, and in the capital.

Vietnam: bicycle rental for 1 day, 2 cups of coffee with milk, a 15-minute talk on the sim card Mobifone, a bowl of Vietnamese soup "Pho", the laundry in the laundry room (small), 250 grams of candied ginger, 40 quail eggs, 1 traditional Vietnamese hat (conical ), one or two newspapers, 1 DVD, 7 liters of water, 2 entrance tickets to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, two cool beer Halida, 1, 25 liters of gasoline.

UK: half a liter of gasoline, two cigarettes (things not pack!), 3 apples, newspaper.

Croatia: a large portion of ice cream.

Denmark: a liter of milk, ciabatta in Godthaabsvej Bakery, stamp for a card.

Hungary Budapest 1 $ 1 will allow to get ice cream or 4 small apples or 1 or 1 hamburger 1 postcard or a newspaper or a half-hour of parking in the old town.

Turkey: a bus ticket, a bank, "Coca-Cola", a sandwich, a cup of tea, two or three newspapers, a kilogram of oranges or apples, a pound of bananas, two bottles of water (0, 5 l), two loaves of bread.

Italy: in the province - a bottle of cheap wine or 1kg Spaghetti or 6 bottles of mineral water or one tablet of ibuprofen to help relieve headaches from cheap bottle of wine.

Colombia: Bogota cup of coffee and a couple of fresh rolls.

South Korea in Seoul for $ 1 you can ride the bus or subway.

Thailand gallons of clean drinking water (4 L), 1, 5 liters of carbonated mineral water, an hour talking on the mobile (assuming local calls, of course), English newspaper Bangkok Post, travel to eight Skytrain station in Bangkok, three servings of soft ice cream in a Dairy Queen, a plate of Thai green curry with rice, a liter of gasoline, a taxi ride for a couple of kilometers, two liters of "Coca-Cola", the food on the streets of Chiang Mai.

Egypt serving koshary plate, which includes rice, pasta, fried onions, lentils and a donut or falyafel.

India in Kolkatte $ 1 can be nice to eat.

Costa Rica: papaya, pineapple or watermelon.

UAE: Dubai can enjoy shavermy in Jabal Al Noor.

Portugal: 1 espresso (not at the airport).

Laos is one ice-cold beer Lao, a sandwich with bacon and cheese, 4 rolls of toilet paper, 2 cups of brewed coffee or 2 bagel in the Scandinavian Bakery, 16 medium bananas, hour of the Internet (in tourist areas just a half-hour), 3 liters of drinking water, two croissant.

Australia: lottery ticket with the chance to win as much money that was enough for a two-week tour.

Jordan: a bag of chips or two machine is delivering coffee.

US: Los Angeles for 1 dollar you can take a ride on the Blue Bus, or leave your car in the parking lot for an hour.

Nicaragua: a bottle of beer.

Argentina: Buenos Aires for $ 1 you can ride the bus or subway, buy a lot of fruit or a bright braided bracelet, eat a muffin.

Belize fried bananas on the street.

Indonesia: Manado for 1 US dollar, you can get a complete meal with a piece of fried chicken, rice, vegetables, mineral water and fruit.

Myanmar: a glass of iced coffee, 4 pack of local cigarettes or half a pack of brand "Marlboro", malaria pills doxycycline for 17 days, 10 donuts Samosas stuffed, 4 liters of pure water, the bank's "Coca-Cola" or liter of the local Star Cola, one pomelo, one hour internet. In short, if you are looking where to spend 1 $ wisely - better places than Vietnam, Thailand or the Philippines - not found.

Source: tonkosti.ru


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