Photo Competition National Geographic Traveler

Photography Competition National Geographic Traveler turns 25 years old.
It ended on June 30, let's look at some photos of applicants.

Rainfall in Cusco - a city in southwestern Peru.

Airplane over the beach.

The strength of the horse breed criollo. The descendants of the horses brought by the Spanish to South America konkistodorami sixteenth century, Criollo, are considered natives of Argentina and one of the most seasoned horse breeds in the world. This quality is the result of a long natural selection.

Darwaza (pers. "Gates") - the gas crater in Turkmenistan. But local residents and travelers call it "door to hell," or "Gates of Hell."

Godafoss - one of the most famous waterfalls of Iceland. It is also known that in 999-1000 years. in making Christianity the inhabitants were thrown into a waterfall pagan idols. Hence the name of the waterfall from the ISL. Goð - «God».


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