New works of participants Photo Contest «National Geographic Traveler Photo 2013"

At the end of April, we introduced you to the first works of competition «National Geographic Traveler Photo 2013". Until the moment when the photograph and the application will not be taken have less than 20 days. This means that photographers should hurry. Applications already submitted enough. We decided to share with you the most interesting of them.

Recall that in this year's competition «National Geographic Traveler Photo» celebrates its 25th anniversary. You a small selection of recent photos.

"Mr. Yoo Hyang Jang," Andrei Pavlov.

"Lavender field forever," Jennifer Holmes Beemer.

"Rennie Bijou - Ambassador to the Arctic," Christian Aslund.

"The boy-monk with the gun," Joyce Le Mesure.

"Baker's Dozen" Frida Vanha.

"Children of Kibera," Cynthia MacDonald.

"Left or right?" Thomas Peters.

"Fishing", Cynthia MacDonald.

"The festival of Holi," Mann Michela.

"Can you hear me?" Chet Stein.

"Purity of Love and Peace," Kim Hino.

"Happy moment", Michael Sea.

We are waiting for the completion of the competition and the first results.


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