o. Curacao, Caribbean.

Give you a little about the island of Curacao Fotoochety.

We flew there in early March. Traveled along the route Moscow-Amsterdam Willemstad time from Amsterdam about 9 hours. Tarried there all night and half a day then went on, so the photos in the main center of the capital Vellemstada.

Photos around 40 on a bar of soap in China. Ends indicated. A little info from Wiki.

Curacao? o (niderl. Curacao, papyam. Korsou) - the largest island and the same name self-governing public education, located in the south of the Caribbean Sea near the coast of Venezuela. Is a subject of the Federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2010, when there was a reorganization of participation Antilles as part of the Netherlands. Land area - 444 km? .. Population - 141 766 people (2009). Capital - the city of Willemstad.

The island was discovered by the Spanish sailor Alonso de Ojeda in 1499. According to one legend, Ojeda, heading to the coast of South America, leaving the island hopelessly sick with scurvy. However, on the way back, found them perfectly healthy: sailors rescued vitamin C, contained in large quantities in local plants. So surprised Ojeda named the island of Curacao (from the old Portuguese word «cure» - healing). According to another version, the name of the island comes from the word «curazon» (heart), later transformed into a "Curacao", thanks to the Portuguese cartographers.

1. The first photo flag in the central square in front of the hotel.

2. A little further here such construction.

3. To cross to the other shore Pontoon drawbridge. The island has an internal bay, which is located on the shore oil refinery. With the passage of vessels divorces.

4. The view from the hotel

5. Bridge divorced lift passes.

6. Old buildings from Holland.

7. Administration Building.

8. pass on.

9. ...



12. The water bus travel free when breeding, when the bridge is divorced.


14. Hotel.

15. Type of yet another hotel.

16. Rif Fort.

17. Inside.



20. Almost every day come here such passengers. On the morning moored, people walking day and night shift. The foreground shows Bassin hotel.

21. The island is based under the Dutch flag here is a military bunker. When leaving the bay the whole team lined up. Incidentally then were seen even a female on board

22. Another such ships met.

23. It is likely some restaurant on the water.

24. And these beauties under the Spanish flag.

25. The view from the restaurant.

26. US Coast Guard.

27. Local food market. On such a vessel carry products from Venezuela. Traders manners are the same arrogant, as we have in the markets.


29. Round Market.

30. Local souvenirs produce immediately.

31. Musicians immediately honestly inscription on the box noticed when on the PC threw pictures.

32. There is such a wonderful donkey.


34. At the evening hour bus tour of sotrovu. Behind the visible protruding huge column of type disco on wheels.

35. The view from the hotel.

36. Night.

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