NTV confessed his debilizm

"Custom Game" was too clever for NTV

NTV refused to renew the contract with the "Studio 2B" in the shooting of one of the latest intelligent show on Russian TV - "Its a game».
"We have just received an order canceling the December shooting of" their game. " Apparently, with television series like "Bros-3" and "Wild-2" our transmission is not in harmony, and the level of intellect and erudition is higher than that of the "You will not believe!" NTV is unacceptable ", - told RBC editor of the TV program Maxim Rousseau.
Observers note that in 2012, the TV station has tried to abandon the filming of "my game", but if the parties failed to reach a mutually acceptable compromise.
The current failure of the television means the abolition II team tournament, which were attended by teams of Russian regions, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
"Custom Game" is a Russian version of the American game Jeopardy. For the first time on the screens of the country left the show in 1994. During this time, it broadcast channels such as RTR, NTV and TV-6. Moreover, the game has been published several collections that contain thousands specified in tournaments questions and answers to them, some with extensive comments.




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