Monuments celebrities posed with life

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently attended the opening ceremony of his bronze statue in Columbus, Ohio. However, it is not the first and not the last of the famous people who are living with a monument.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The 24th annual sports festival named Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio, the eternal "The Terminator" was presented by 2, 5-meter 260-kilogram statue of himself as a young bodybuilder. His 6-foot bronze copy of which he presented at the opening of the museum in Austria, was created based on sketches from Idaho artist Ralph Crawford in 1979. However, not all excited about this bronze Arnold. Note one of the women: "And you can exchange it for a statue of Rocky? She came to us more. We here do not go in colorful shirts and short shorts. It is not even California and Florida. " (Zuma / Newscom)

2. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone commissioned sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg statue of Rocky Balboa in 1982. 2, 6-foot bronze statue was placed on the stage of Philadelphia Museum of Art in honor of the famous boxer runs from the movie. However, after the film it was moved to a local sports arena «Spectrum», as the authorities considered that it was not a work of art, advertising and film. In 2005, when Stallone was preparing the shooting of the film "Rocky Balboa", he asked again to put a statue next to the museum. Due to the stream of letters, radio support actor and director, as well as a major public campaign, the statue left at the museum for good. Today it remains one of the best attractions of the city. "I came here for the sake of Rocky, but why not get in? Who would have thought that Rocky will make me turn to art? "- Said once one of the tourists. (AP Photo)

3. Mary Tyler Moore

At first, "Mary Tyler Moore Show" Mary Richards throws his hat into the air, and the camera freezes on her smile. To capture the moment, the company «TV Land» commissioned sculptor Gwendolyn Gillen 2, 5-meter statue of Moore as a gift to the people of Minneapolis, where he lives a fictional Mary Richards. Actress Mary Taylor Moore was at the opening ceremony and, yes, she threw his hat into the air. (AP Photo)

4. Woody Allen

In New York, Woody Allen gave the sandwich with his name in «Carnegie Deli». But in the Spanish town of Oviedo in 2002, directed by the townspeople monument of bronze. What really surprised the director himself. "My statue in Oviedo - one of the greatest mysteries of Western civilization - he joked in 2008 during the filming of the first film in Spain -" Vicky Cristina Barcelona. " - I've been there a couple of times, and they did not ask me, erected this statue. I never let anyone rescued at sea, but I already have their own monument. I thought it was a joke. " And this is just the beginning - two years later Kaliningrad requested (and received) permission to install a director of another monument to the director. (Alonso Gonzales, Reuters / Landov)

5. Henry Winkler

In 2008, Milwaukee has appeared bronze statue of actor Henry Winkler, erected in honor of his character from the TV series "Happy Days." "To see it with my own eyes - it is something unbelievable," - said Winkler crowd at the opening. Moreover, the sculptor Gerald Sawyer engraved initials actor and his wife on a vein on the hand of the statue. "Just like Daviv in Italy" - the actor joked. (AP Photo)

6. Bob Marley

Even before its establishment in 1983, Bob Marley monument by sculptor Christopher Gonzalez caused a lot of controversy. The sculptor portrayed reggae legend symbolically emerging from the roots of a tree, but the family Marley and the crowd of his fans did not see the similarities. At the opening of 2, 7-meter statue pelted with fruit, was removed from the capital of Jamaica, Kingston and replaced by another statue of Marley Alvin Marriott. A statue Gonzalez can still be seen in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. (Segio Pitamitz / Corbis)

7. Lucille Ball

One day in one of the episodes of the series "I Love Lucy" she pretended statue, and on the day of its 100th anniversary in 2011, in Palm Springs, California, presented his own bronze statue sitting on a bench actress. There is another monument Lucy - in North Hollywood, in the Hall of Fame. (Barry King, WireImage / Getty Images)

8. Although Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, Hong Kong has been his home. And in 2005, in his 65th birthday (the actor died in 1973), martial arts legends friends introduced him to a bronze statue on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong. Fans gathered 100,000 dollars to build 2, 5-meter-high monument depicting Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury in the pose. And as if to prove the popularity of the cult actor, the same week was opened another statue dedicated to him - in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a symbol of the unity of the ethnically diverse city. "There will always be Muslims, Serbs and Croats - said the representative of the local youth movement. - But we all have one thing in common will always be - a Bruce Lee. " (Laurent Fievet, AFP / Getty Images)

9. Andy Griffith and Ron Howard

"This is something, - said Andy Griffith in 2003 at the opening of the statue of himself in the role of Sheriff Andy Taylor and Ron Howard as his son Opie. - I wish I could look like this now. " Bronze statue presented to Raleigh, North Carolina, where they filmed "The Andy Griffith Show" TV «TV Land». However, the statue and a copy provided to the neighboring town of Mount Airy, several times spoil some vandals. (AP Photo)

10. Cary Grant

He left Bristol in England as a teenager to pursue a career in the United States. But in his hometown people still love and remember Cary Grant. So much so that collected 60,000 pounds to erect a monument to the actor. Statue by sculptor Graham Ibbeson. In 2001, it introduced the actor's widow Barbara Grant. Grant statue depicts the scenario for the film "To Catch a Thief" in his hands. (Leo Reynolds / Flickr)

11. Description

But try to convince the thousands of fans of "Star Wars" that come to the statue of Yoda in the studio «Lucasfilm» in San Francisco that the Jedi Master was a fictional figure. All they know is that they need to make a sort of pilgrimage to his bronze figure on the fountain, which is presented in 2005. And to be with you the power. (Art on File / Corbis)


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