Most mysterious loss

Periodically, in our lives something is lost. Lost things and people. And we are talking about the losses in the usual sense of the word.

1. Amber Room

Originally created for the office of King of Prussia Frederick I, and then presented to Peter I. create masterpieces master Danish and German, Russian retrofitted under the direction of F. Rastrelli. The Amber Room was one of the greatest wonders of the biggest treasure of the Russian crown. She also became a major loss.
Before the war a group of conservators and carvers began work on a regular Amber Room. With the approach of German troops all the values ​​of the Catherine Palace was taken to evacuate, and were afraid to touch the room in mind the fragility of amber. There are versions that at that time was completed the layout of the room 1: 1 and the room itself is recreated, that is, there are 3 options one room on the palace grounds. In any case, the room was still there, disguised as conventional wallpaper. But the Germans treasure found and taken to Konigsberg, where it was shown in the years 1942-44.
When launched a massive Soviet offensive Kenigsberg, shelling, fires began to emerge. Room on one of the versions was dismantled and hidden.

And at this point the Amber Room disappears. Exactly where it may be now - do not know. There are many options - it is somewhere in the underground storage facilities, the Americans found it and taken out of the ocean, she died on the ships taken out by the Nazis in South America, just died in the fires ...
All of these versions have supporters and opponents, but amber has not been found ...

2. The body of Hitler

Before the surrender of Germany, when Soviet troops stormed Berlin is almost, gets into motion in the Nazi top. Some leaders tried to escape, some - to commit suicide. Hitler committed suicide on April 30, and his wife Eva Braun poisoned with cyanide. Even Hitler's dog was shot dead and the remains of bodies taken out into the yard and burned the Reich Chancellery.

About 7 hours found the remains of Soviet soldiers and handed them over to the NKVD, which had a burial at the site in Magdeburg. At the same time were removed part of the skull and jaw from the corpse of the Fuhrer. In 1970, the bodies exhumed, cremated and the ashes scattered over the Elbe.

And in 2009, was made an analysis of the DNA of the skull, which at one time was taken on the personal orders of Stalin in Moscow. But it turned out that it was the skull of a woman forty years .... That is the legend of Hitler's death was a big loss. Versions of events, there is not a lot - the soldiers simply made a mistake with the recovery of the remains, whether the Fuhrer escaped at the end of the war ....

By the way, the jaw is still in Moscow, but still do not permit, citing the great value and fragility of the exhibit.

3. Letter from Hell

In the autumn of 1888, London was in shock. Police hunting and philistine terror waiting - who the next victim of the Ripper. Was organized by the "Whitechapel Vigilance Committee," which combined wishing to minimize the harm caused to the Ripper.

Once to the committee received a letter with an unusual investment. There were polpochki and a note, which said the fate of the second part of the body - the offender fried and ate it. Letter "From Hell" was considered sufficiently reliable. So the package passed the police. Now scientists could fully identify the perpetrators, but ......
So, a letter handed to the police station and there safely materials were lost ....

4. San Jose

When in 1701 the war of the Spanish Succession broke out between France and Spain, it became part of an attempt to establish the superiority of the fleets at sea. It is in this situation was the ship San Jose. He returned home with a load of stocks viceroy of Peru. Not far from the Colombian Cartagena was a struggle, and the ship was sunk. Wealth on the ship carried a lot: one of gold and silver 344 tons, 116 chests of emeralds, etc. ... The estimated price of such a loss - would amount to more than 2 billion dollars. Until now, even when known about the location and time of flooding, treasure hunters can not find the treasure. Especially plummeted number of searchers after the government instead of 50% was to demand a share of 95% of the found.

5. Watergate tapes


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