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And today I'll show you a little of Santiago and Chile Well everything in order. Santiago city which is the least liked of the three capitals that met at this time. Arrived after dark, while traveling from the airport I communicate with the driver. Who strongly praised the Chilean minimum safety and crime. Well, in general almost heaven on earth. Although in fairness it must be said that Chile is the most prosperous country after Brazil. Well, as they say themselves Chileans, South America separately, Brazil alone is another planet. So I get to the hotel I go to sleep and gain strength to explore the city. By the way, let me say one more nuance, the poorer the country the better hotels. I do not know if I'm so lucky, but in Ecuador was the nicest, most disgusting in Chile. Well it is, pure observation, I now do not care where to spend the night, not on the main street) is not for this that far persya. So I spend the night in this hole, and the next day was to come a guide for city tours.

Morning came, but the tours got a bobble. Came girl who gidovskomu special relation to fisheries does not have. She is a teacher of Russian language in the Chilean school. True to the concept of teacher, as we were taught in childhood, does not fit. Well, in the sense that the exemplary illustrative man with perfect reputation and the same thoughts. In short a simple Russian girl, cheerful, sociable and I'll tell you honestly, the guide of her no, but that's the beauty. No you do not zaunylye tells stories about the culture, religion and other nonsense that can be found on the Internet for common development. So Masha if you're reading this thank you very much)
Now, we have outlined a plan of action for the first half of the day, as was the second in the free disposal. First of all go to the city fish market.

marine life



By the way very criminal place in the evening is better in these areas does not appear. Artillery gangs, robbers and other merzota. There are so-called "flyers" raid crowd and stripped to his shorts, and maybe shorts selected. And, if you resist, can easily and prune. Actually in all Santiago tried to protect them from bandits. The camera has attracted the attention of a wild and everyone considered it his duty to warn that I held him as tightly as possible. Since the voltage constant discomfort is not sour. A lot of girls with dangling earlobes. The metro is very few decorations to dress. And everywhere they warned that the pier gently into the dark places you should not go, but as Santiago nebylo. I even in Zambia felt much more comfortable. Although I think it's just a local overdone and horror caught. According to want the best, but it turns out as always. Anyway. Let's have a photo to watch them a little will, as time was short, and to be honest nothing much to photograph. And then I'll have nemngo torment Easter Island.)

After the market we go to the hill of San Cristobal. It offers views of stalitsu

Santiago is located in the foothills of the Andes in a closed basin on the banks of the Mapocho River, and is considered one of the most polluted city in the world. At times, the veil of smog envelops the city.



After the hill we go to the mall and take pictures



This is a local bus to the striking students. Bastia way they constantly. I think it's as fun at them.



This street in common "Little London»

Who remembers the film "Short Circuit" will understand

But it's very interesting. These bring pictures of their sick animals and actively pray for healing ... och touching.

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By the way Masha told a funny story about the local strong field. That is to say, when she was still just arrived in Chile. I tried to meet with local young people, but in time I realized that it is better not to find Slavic muzzle. This is explained here than Chilean men Handling Handling and very persistent, I'll tell you. So the teacher and guide in combination Masha, a couple of times to go on a date with the local macho. And then one day, with a languid and passionate look that suggested Pedro Masha meet. Masha, already after the first appointment made certain findings and was set up strictly. That's when Pedro heard a negative response, he launched the mechanism of manipulation, let the avaricious man's tears and confessed that he had a sick mother, a dog on three legs, and life without a girl Masha will lose all meaning. When a teacher Masha is not pedagogically made it clear that she does not care. Pedro has launched heavy artillery, proudly announced that he hanged himself today. Well, the answer was predictable ... on the soap and rope rescue. So, since the teacher Masha was discharged from his native Siberia, Russian guy and does not go more on the interview with the local Pedro.

a little bit of modern Santiago.

Who was in the Crimea, and this is seen in rostenie Alupka Park. he knows how to cherish and protect it. but in Chile it is used as a support hose)))

without a hundred grams can not tell

Lastly, in the evening, on the advice of Masha, I went to the restaurant «W» which offers a wonderful view of the highest tower of South America.

And the next day I was waiting for a flight. Easter. I decided to break the threads. Since the island a lot of pictures, and text interesting. So wait for the final days.
Py.Sy. Yes, and who do not go hard in the previous topics, there is also a lot of interesting things.

and yes ... totally forgot to show. This Peruvian migrant workers. And they sit there all day and night, until they take the Chilean landowner. But the most interesting is that if he takes it, it provides a formal job registration and salary !!!



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