As I made the bumper

During the violent youth, in the year 2006th I bought his first car - Opel Rekord 1980 onwards with automatic gearbox for 10 TR Take it more as a toy experiment than workhorse or pontorez. Then I earned a little, so I bought a car in installments for 3 months, thanks to the former owner for it.
Then it was "fashionable" to establish a "co-current" to the nines, unscrew the bumper of classic and cutting springs all in all basins. I never understood these trends, but to give a splash of their creative abilities was extremely necessary. Then look I did not accept the factory front bumper, and I decided to change it. About buying a finished product, or at least the blank and I did not want to think, because not enough money really even gasoline. It was decided zapenit entire front of the car, and then cut out the desired shape of the mass of the bumper. Took out his collection of inserts Turbo (with the intention of finding out there is so pleasant to me the classic features of the bumpers), choose the best, sketched a rough appearance of a pencil and set to work.
In fairness, it should be noted that I can not draw, sculpt, paint, etc. etc. (To this day). I then worked as a programmer at all and there is nothing like this before the matter had not. So do as I could, without any help or advice.
Most of the photos made on a mobile phone with a camera of 1.3 MP, I apologize for this mess.
Will 17 photos.
That he was

On the side

Before foaming

Start foaming


On a cut visible pores

Handle thought knife - did not happen. I had to pull the string and connect to the power supply. It is heated to paint and foam melts like butter.

Approximately so before further processing

After coating with fiberglass and epoxy resin

Watery looks like some sort of slime.

In fact it is the epoxy stiffened with fiberglass bumper gives hardness

Then he began to cover the automotive putty. Money quickly ran out on her. Had a five-liter bucket Avzyan household putty! It was fun.

In this form, I rode over a year. I learned many positions of the Rostov region, not to mention Volgodonsk.

Finally, I painted it

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I am not able to paint, so everything turned rough

Clearances big

From the land is high, it looks lousy.

Only the foam had spent about 4 TR I would know such raskldy - hardly would undertake this venture. But in the end I do not regret. I did it. I have everything. Thank you for your attention.

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