Mother bitterly regretted that took on a disco

At the head of 41-year-old Sarah Jane Hume has never overflowed as many insults as it collapsed after the ill-fated photos that appeared in social media.

In the photo she is among the raging crowd dram'n'bass a huge hall in the dark presses a tiny Django. And she very much regretted that took his little son with him to the rave. It just struck a barrage of criticism from parents' groups in social networks, that outraged the photo commented that the mother of this baby to be crazy again dragged him to a "drunken crowd».
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Sarah Jane said, "I'm sorry if my conduct has violated someone's moral standards. I took with my daughters at the same event, when they were the same age as Django. But it was almost two decades ago. I thought since the society has changed and become more tolerant and relaxed. And it really changed, but in the opposite direction. I consider myself a good mother, and I would never do anything that would carry the threat or could harm my or someone else's child. But now I think it would be better not to go to the rave with the kid. "

Sarah Jane is working with the National Forest Foundation, and the club «Blackhouse», which is located near her home in North Wales, she went to listen to the speech of his 23-year-old daughter Kerry. To protect his ears from the noise of Django, she had put to it by huge headphones. "They have done their function as the baby slept through the whole show," - says the mother.

At twelve-thirty the night club the police arrived, which is caused by the presence of the child concerned clubbers, and the concert ended. Sarah Jane said: "It was as if I transgressed beyond bounds, made a terrible thing, but actually I did not do anything wrong. The next day, my picture appeared on Facebook ».

In response to critics in social networks, labeling it a disgrace, music-loving mother wrote: "I am not the least bit ashamed of what I did. Yes, I am very upset people's comments, but I had to be there to support her daughter. I'm very proud of it. " Some of the members felt that her mother's desire is understandable, that's only at the same time disapprove of the presence of the baby in the disco, even with headphones. "I understand that she wanted to see her daughter on the stage, but then she would have to leave the baby with a nanny. And when Django will grow, he will be able to appreciate the talent of his sister, not sleep for the whole show, "- says one of them.



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