My collection Turbo

Deconstructing the old junk in the country, I came across a box of cassettes packed liners from gum turbo.
This Collection was the passion of my childhood.
Unlike their peers, I was not interested in Donald, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, labels from the terminator, and other bombibomy.
I am only interested in Turba! In all conditions!

Who opened the box and smelled favorite gum, 20 years later.
I want to share with you a part of his childhood. When completed - will tell.

I gave any inserts for tur- which I do not, and under no circumstances did not give turbu- in a single copy.
Other peers were less picky in collecting and easily change the boring new wrappers.
Desired liner could often get by giving more and more unnecessary.
So I never played in a turbo shells.
I collected about them from first to sixth grade (somewhere 86-93), and in that time has collected almost all the series from 51 to 120.
What is missing is 4 pieces.
Turba ruble cost - a lot of money. IMHO this is about as now 500r.
Buying gum was an event, and each new liner holiday. Almost every pro I remember how I got it.

Motorcycles are a rarity and valued as 2-3 cars.
51. Ferrari. There was only one in a series of three photographs and appreciated about 10 conventional machines.

Here is the coolest 68 Lamborghini, or as it was called at the time - Lamborghini)
Perhaps one of the three most valuable. Besides rarity, one of the factors was the value of the declared speed.
Scanner cut - 295 km / h
Just want to note №69. I guess it started with my love for American cars. And Camaro is still one of the most beloved.

Here the most valuable for me 74. It was rumored that there neubivaemy engine where the oil does not even have to change.
He's got me by a friend from kindergarten, with whom I am on friendly terms ever since.
It was exchanged for beer cans, which I also had a good Collection.
About cubic meter. But it was difficult to keep them, and they soon went to a well-deserved trash.

85 double image appreciated by about 5 normal
82 went from a friend with whom I swam in the Sports School Screen
84 went to the first class of girls that I was in love I think the first time

Here I especially road 93. She was the first and it was with her I started a collection.

Inserts were in their pockets and they quickly lose its presentation.
I treated them more carefully and preserved in the form in which they were to me.
Many overwritten. 102 all torn, but most of it did not come across to me, and to exchange a whole was impossible.

110 was the most valuable of all. And the statements of the biggest speed.

120 The latest in the series, I got a gift from the currency speculator, you can say the bandit at the time.

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Then came the turbo rest rooms. Cud become cheaper and collect shells became easier.
There is 150 pieces with numbers until the fourth hundred. But they are much less valuable to me.
But if there is a quorum, and I can put them. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for attention.



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