Preparations for the emergence of a new Pope

Extensive preparations are St. Peter's Square to select a new pope. Built stands, a satellite dish installed, build a press offices.
And all this in order to light a brief moment when the world yavyat name of the new pope.
15 Photo © drugoi

Trumpet, which sits like a bird, the one from which the flocks of white smoke from the burned ballots cardinals elect a new pope. So the Catholic world recognizes that he now has a new head. Conclave, the Cardinals meeting begins tomorrow, but today St. Peter's Square a day were preparations for a grand translation to the world the news of the arrival of a new pope. There are building huge press offices, OB vehicles, climb up satellite dish and thousands of journalists receive their accreditation. It seems that no event in the world of the media is of interest as this is two-three days waiting for the decision of cardinals. All surrounding streets packed with police, the Carabinieri. Build entire platform for television journalists who will cover the brief moment when the world yavyat name of the new pope. Quite impressed photojournalist AR Dima Lovetskiy lens 600 mm and a backpack SCS - just like now the agency take off the picture in the tape, who is faster.

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