I said I left ... I said leg ...

Lucky us with donor-parts :)

Recently, the situation has turned out exactly like the joke about the surgeons with cutting off the legs ... ("hryas! I told hryas left ...! I said leg ...»)

Well, first things first ...

First we saw here this preface:
"At the crossroads drove into the back left-hand side.
As a result of the accident, led body: shifted the gaps on the hood, from the street through the opening closed doors right you can see the interior, the left door is not completely closed, the folds in the luggage compartment floor, rear panel trunk moved into the cabin about 20 cm. »

50 photos

That would have sent us to assess the damage:

Photographed on a calculator, but it is clear that ass scratches on wheel
And it does not turn from it ...

Rear left wing nalezlo the door

Back shifted to the left, the right wing seems only hushed

The rear panel inside the far
Spare wheel clamped so that the envelope has turned much of the metal
And what is most offensive - in such an evaluation on a photo - not seen that the entire floor waves right up to the driver's seat

And in this way the car came to us to park on the evacuator

And now intriguing approach to the fun :)

The plot of the story - we ordered to repair to the back of parsing the body of the fourth course, cut off as the floor of the car. It was inexpensive and beautiful.

On to send a photo was shown a good, whole, tasty tail of "otpili-and-welded».

Anxiety inspired call from disassembly prior to delivery of the outer parts, they say (with a characteristic emphasis):
 - We can not fit into a gazelle totally ass of course, we can cut off a wing and you do not need to put it separately?
 - Well, yes you can, we hushed up the left rear fender, rear fender us the right ("passenger side") is not necessary - it saw off if required. basin chute just do not damage!
 - OK

Here is a carefree, easy "OK" with Armenian accent - some hint of confusion flashed.

We called back again - "the left wing we need not to damage the spare tire", the answer again, "OK", "slyushay, uzhe vizom!»

When brought - we almost stepped rapid isolation and repair of the whole plot:

Swear words from us this time listened to a lot of Bulgarian experts and cutlass with disassembly, that confuse the "right" and "left» ...
Emotional vector of words spoken - was aimed at finding and acquiring a broader gazelles and / or work on persik sale on the market if they confuse the side parts ...
That is so even easier to see:

The fact that we could replace without a single weld - will now have to weld the pieces

Well at least you want us to "OK" arrived.
However, "carefully" cut off separately from the spare wheel compartment :)

Now we do monkey work, cursing the "OK slyushay ...»
Replaced separately quarter alone spare tire, parts of the floor ...
Not only that, they are not the wing was considered superfluous, since in excess of the wing during transport (they thought that it driven emissions, thrown haphazardly) - they crushed the entire top More!

Solemnly set up on the stand golf

Disclose a Pandora's box

To see something, we need at least pull back roll back panel

Crunching metal ...

Stretches something bad, golf is not a Chinese metal good
Therefore, we take the Bulgarians and do Whack-Whack

Now ass stretches much more cheerful

In this case - the main thing for the right place to be able to correctly grasp
It is known, in fact, if not the end, and not to the place - even little black babies can be born ...

Good hammer never superfluous even in the presence of the pile with hydraulic columns
I will say more - without it anywhere

Roll of the tailgate deployed back, now is the time to remove all wrinkled with this car

Where can otsverlivaem on points where necessary - cut

That's how we cut off at the door

If you do not touch the suspension and not to cut the wiring - it turns out such a lightweight one-quarter body

Beauty, as it is!
Cut body - really, how would it correctly put - ons, wakes up blood, makes all who pass near the slipway - certainly look on the inside, cutting line, head to look from below, they say - "how they got there, do not chop off the gas tank ... »...
And understanding pat dangle rack wheel :)

Iron scrap metal cake

Castrated Armenians donor on a pedestal!

Let us try to apply-as elements of Lego designer ...

We catch crocodiles

But a suit sitting hopelessly bad at gaps
Move equals ...

We still have a good tuck-wave on the floor, which comes right up to the driver's seat
To delete - cling to the middle of the floor

And pull it toward you, as much as possible by eliminating surface waves

This process involves more and amplifiers wing, so the wing at the same time pull in the opposite direction
That is why stretching complex - on the stocks should be at least two, and preferably in some cases, have three hydraulic column (you can pull in several vectors simultaneously)

The last chord before the final Scalds body

We had seen pictures of welding with a vengeance in the previous repair, will not ship - scald:

Basin chute replaced and treated with sealant joints:

Ready to paint



Paint (just lachim doors, fresh paint only covers since the time of the varnish is already heavily decayed and accurately would differ from svezhepokrashennyh wings)


Here's a get an inside trunk as a result of

Well, the upshot of the whole plot after washing:




Thank you for your attention !!!



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