Monument to the Il - 2

I do not know whether you're interested in, but decided to tell you about one attractions of Samara, where I live. It is a monument to the Il - 2.

The idea to put in a real monument to the IL-2 originated in an aircraft factory in veterans once climbed on the podium first T-34 tanks, the first trucks of the war years, these tireless workers of the war.
And it turned out that the disposal of the plant, throughout the war which produced IL-2, there is no attack aircraft. No one. And in parts of the country's air force has long been the aircraft was removed from service.
Search front-line attack aircraft assigned to the veteran plant Eugene A. skits and future head of the factory museum Valery G. Bykov. The task to find the IL-2 has proved to be far from simple, appealed for help to the command of the Military Forces -Vozdushnyh. In autumn 1970 a report was received: tractor-bank timber industry in the swamp found the remains of the aircraft IL-2. The tree is rotten, all of the iron covered with rust. Time is inexorable.
After the restoration of the aircraft has taken its place of honor at the intersection of several major streets of Samara. To set the aircraft was manufactured pedestal resembling a runway.

So in Samara there is another point of interest. The celebrations devoted to the Great Patriotic War is always crowded and lay fresh flowers, and on Friday and the weekend here come the newlyweds.
The 65th anniversary of World War II aircraft demanded restoration work, for which September 28, 2009 was dismantled. On the pedestal plane back November 12, 2009.
Since the restoration has been more than two years, but the plane is also encouraged all its beauty. Restoration carried out perfectly!

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