Repair of the room by the female :)

Good afternoon!

I already laid out here the result of my "rukodelnichaniya»
Now I want to tell you about the accomplishment of its scale - the repair of the room!

There will be 34 photos.

1. This is my bedroom to repair. More precisely, after the repair, but before I decided to remake it. In the background - a dressing room. Here from it and I decided to get rid ...

2. Dressing. The process of breaking up. View from inside. It was made of plasterboard, and therefore "did not go" - such plates do not hang (shelves, racks), and the feeling inside some stuffiness and humidity. No, only a dressing made of stone or wood. And the area is not less than 4 meters.

3. View from outside. Breaking simple, but very dirty and dreary. More profile this metal - all hands will etch.

4. All broken, washed and separated. But if we start to do something, you can at the same time and the entrance to the balcony remake?

5. Loggia with insulation, glazed, but this piece sill!

6. Hulk break!

7. Took off laminate

8. And on the balcony too

9. dragged all in rags, but it does not save - all had to wash up and perestiryvat

10. He began to break the familiar "master." After the first day gave up - too hard. I had to ask my uncle.

11. The first beat with a hammer (yet pulled these bricks in the trash, almost died! Well, that was a truck)

12. And here is how the room in which the brick sawing Bulgarian

13. View of the room itself.

14. demolished !!! (4 days)

15. Next comes my party.

16. I bought a cement mixture, brought (on the truck and then just barely). Became gloss over the wires and aligning the floor.

17. And the wall must also be put in order

18. Well, sort of ... something like that ...

19. Now the ceiling - a trace of dressing

20. Broke pieces, primed, has covered putty (finished)

21. dried out proshkurila, painted. Well, not Versailles, of course ... But, like, exactly ....

22. Wall align finally

23. At the loggia return laminate (it had to file, of course)

24. laundered back down all the walls - terribly hard, actually ...

25. Wallpaper

26. First, on one wall. I hate the battery! Of course, they had to be removed to pokleit wallpaper, but I can not do this! I had to dodge and push through the pieces for her ...

27. On two walls a different color wallpaper

28. DONE! For one day pokleit - from 8 am to 9 pm

29. The stacked laminate. Had, after all, one pack bribe

30. Lay the baseboard to tie.

31. The room is ready ... in principle ....

32. But there was such a hole here. Remained especially - I want to insulate the room from the balconies ... just in case ...

33. I ordered just such a door. Leaved, ie opens without vertical crossbar in the middle.

34. And this is in a closed form

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Can criticize!
Construction and architectural engineering and technical education I have. I am able to just what dad taught (he too, by the way, not a builder). But I am still very, very proud of what happened!
:) 



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