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The principle of operation of the device

The technology used in noPhoto relatively simple. On top of the gadget is very similar to the frame number it is an optical element that detects the flash camera installed at traffic lights. Sensor triggers one or more outbreaks of xenon lamps installed along the edges noPhoto, and at the traffic light when the camera opens the shutter, then there is the illumination photos. Big Brother can not read your room.

It looks like the prototype, assembled in the garage

Initial promises to create noPhoto served two points, said Dendrou. On the one hand, he wanted to check whether he will collect something that works. He does not have engineering education, but it is always something ludil and soldered to the car, but also very fond of the camcorder, and noPhoto managed to combine both interests.

In addition, he is confident that the cameras at traffic lights designed to fix red light, are a serious violation of the rights of the driver. As recently wrote Gary Biller, president of the National Association of motorists in the US News And World Report, cameras at traffic lights violate "a number of key human rights principles of civil procedure," because "there is no credible evidence (certifiable witness)┬╗, and therefore, "the defense loses the ability to expose cross-examine the prosecution in court. " In many cities these cameras are deactivated, but still many more.

"I have a lot of objections to the cameras" - continues Dendrou, - "They are trying to circumvent the Constitution┬╗

In the noPhoto nothing revolutionary. You can find the radiation detectors in a variety of places like Amazon and B & H Photo. Unique in it only that she is working with a much greater distance - about 150 feet in direct sunlight and in the dark even further.

"The distance was the biggest challenge," says Dendrou.

In noPhoto also has a special circuit that prevents the cameras, able to give a few bursts. In these cells, says Dendrou, the first outbreak is measuring and helping to set the exposure. If noPhoto responsive to measuring the flash, the camera can correct the excessive exposure.
To win in this game of cat and mouse, noPhoto series increases power output to make the photo completely indiscernible.

Of course, there are problems with false positives, when the device can react to other light sources such as daylight or headlights of oncoming traffic. For compensation claims Dendrou in noPhoto is a filter circuit that detects the difference between the natural light and the light from the camera flash at traffic lights. "With this technology we were able to reduce false alarms by 90 percent┬╗,

The device in the

Developed over two years in the garage, noPhoto may soon become a product on a national scale. Dendrou says that it has a fully functional prototype was built using Enterprise Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc, And the company plans to begin mass production of the device after it is tested and certified. He even spent a massive campaign on the site fundraising for certification, which he said would cost $ 50, 000.

To dispel fears Dendrou published an article on the website Indiegogo, which says that noPhoto completely legal, because it does not cover the room and made a video showing that the frame work on the stated distance.

If everything goes smoothly with the certification process, it hopes to release noPhoto Dendrou on the market in March. He believes that the cost of the device will be about $ 350 dollars, which is equivalent to a fine for running a red light in many cities.



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