Hero City Volgograd

Our family so happened that when we have free time to raid some attraction for the purpose of cultivation.

This time we chose to Volgograd - my wife and I have this nice city already had, but the daughter grew up and it can already perceive information about the heroic history of our country.

Of course, I can not say that you are open for something new, so I will try to supplement their own photos impressions, somewhere will complement the photos yesterday material filmed in 2009 - the last visit. Until I got about 200 photos, well there - how it goes ...

Our visit to Volgograd this time started with zero kilometer Volgograd region

The last time the sign was abundantly filled trifle. I'm past my visits did not throw, but came again. So - a sign does not work.

The sign is located on the Square of Fallen Fighters. Respectively - Mass grave near Fallen Fighters

Eternal Fire.

On the trip we were accompanied by a group of small schoolboys, for which type of Eternal Fire was a revelation.

- And what, he always lit? And even at night? And in the rain too?

Here are buried the defenders of Stalingrad - Ruben Ibaruri gunner, pilot Kameschikov VG and artilerist Fattyahudinov HF

This tree only survived during the fighting in the entire city

At last his visit was just May 9, so that some of the photos will be attending the red banners and other Party Supplies - is 2009.

Tree over time not much has changed. And it pleases - not only that the war was not destroyed, and years until spare

Compared to last very few people visit

Actually, for sightseeing as most times it

Post of Russia ... What can I say? According to many, but indecent ...

Drama Theatre and the monument to the spiritual patron of Volgograd Alexander Nevsky

Photos of 2009 - seen prehistoric fire tower. This time something completely forgot about it ...

Monument to Lenin

Behind him a memorial complex. Pavlov's House

In September 1942, the house has strengthened reconnaissance of the four soldiers, led by Sergeant Pavlov. They kept the defense nearly two months ...

Pavlov's House became one of the first buildings to be restored after the Battle of Stalingrad (in fact, it was rebuilt). Today, this is a common residential building with a large memorial wall.

Advances to Mamaev Kurgan ...

We are met here this here machine - GAZ-67B. With a crew. Anyone can be captured on the memory. For a nominal fee they will be given a cap, wooden PCA and even give advice on post-processing of photos.

As others have said - little people ...

When compared to the festive day of 2009 - generally deserted

View from the area of ​​"standing death»


The place is very atmospheric - even on a third visit sneaks ...

Some photos from different angles


In any case, I will inform you that the monument ensemble was created under the leadership of EV Vucetic

Continue ...

I tried everything to shoot from different angles, especially in here, who rarely get on the TV screens and light in the network

Motherland is already quite close

Two warriors, defenders of Stalingrad. One of them was seriously wounded, but did not let go grenade. Comrade support him, not letting go of the gun. Both warrior ready to defend their homeland, even at the cost of his own life.

Young girl nurse on his shoulders makes a wounded soldier on the battlefield.

Marine with a bunch of grenades to attack the opponent's tank beside him wounded soldier

Support soldiers seriously wounded officer, who continues to lead the fight.

Soldiers protect Banner with their lives and do not hand over his enemy

Two Soviet soldiers destroy the fascist snake and break a swastika overthrown them into the depths of the Volga.

More ...

Closer to the Hall of Heroes, bas-reliefs on the walls ...

On the other hand - at the bottom of the prisoners fascists

Eternal Flame

Guard at the Eternal Fire. Soldiers perfectly still.

General view ...

Very solemn place ...

On the walls of the names of those killed during the Battle of Stalingrad fighters and commanders. My namesakes no ...

Changing of the guard

Come to the mother's home closer

Tomb Chuikov VI - the only Marshal, who is buried not near the Kremlin wall. That was his last will and testament

Grieving Mother

Motherland Calls!

We are at the foot of ...

In another perspective

Developments of modern times - the temple.

On the slopes of Mamaev Kurgan clover blossoms. If for a moment forget the history, the view is absolutely serene ...

Another angle

At the foot of the mound smokes some small factory

Through this door inside the monument gets staff - probably all know that he is ... I mean, of course she is hollow and can climb to the very top-

Regional TV Tower

Temple little closer

Called the Church of All Saints. Founded May 9, 2002

Chapel of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

Find that for complex equipment costs. Previously, she was standing at the Panorama, now the place is reconstructed and equipment here. Under lock and key. It's a shame ...

The last visit of the T-34-85 were, one might say, hoarded, and I saw them when already loaded on the bus. And now all under lock and key.

Aviation ... On the one hand - well, it's there. On the other - very kind of her unsightly. The impression is that it is something repaired ka and obviously in a hurry. And the creation of copies of the IL-2 mladsheklassnikov instructed all the lessons of labor do

Then just walk around the city. In the shopping center "Europe" youth event - something urban. Graffiti tricks on skateboards, bikes, frames some basketball.

A rare case where I like graffiti.

Closed wall material and given the opportunity to create

Beautiful pictures, but not a meaningless scribble and squiggles with deep sense

Daughter some characters guess, for me - just beautiful pictures




And here visible light rail tunnel Volgograd - Volgograd exclusively joke - long section 7, 1 kilometer of six stations located in the city center, laid underground metro standards. Land plot is rebuilt from the usual tram line to ensure high speeds and minimize overlap with other modes of transport.

Furiously jealous of Volgograd.

Three visits, but because of lack of time, so the inside and not visited. Attach a picture from the Internet

Go to the museum-panorama "The Battle of Stalingrad»

Enter. As they say - only Russian museum staff feature - take money for photo and video. Pay $ 100 and go

All very grand - marble, mosaic. No drywall and other trendy materials.

Mosaic images emblems types of troops that took part in the Battle of Stalingrad

Panorama look around for the third time - and for the third time is impressive. Make it so that it is not always clear - where it ends and begins drawing layout

Moving in a circle, you can see all the key moments of the battle

Each image has a specific historical scene prototypes

For example here shows a feat Michael Panikahi



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