CLA Building 4, 3 m. Moscow today

Now a bit of history. I bought myself a boat 290 PVC Hunter. We took a familiar salute to the old motor 2E, with him, I suffered the third weekend in a row, until I realized that the ignition is why it is rotated 180 degrees. Otkatal summer and fall and realized that something was wrong ... I want a rigid boat. Looking at the price of the boat upset.
Who I picked up the motor. Father is building yachts in Konakovo. When the motor was taking I saw the yacht. Thinking and talking about how to build, read, and stumbled on CLA and immediately realized will build ACL.
Please do not break. At the end I will inform you.
Key Features:
Passenger capacity: 4 people.
Load capacity: 400 kg.
Engine: Yamaha 30 HWCS

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Then the plywood WBP 4 mm. 3 sheets of 3 and 6 mm sheet, the end was not enough 6mm plywood and even had to re-buy list.

Sostrogal plywood-type zausovki.

Glued plywood in length.

After a week had passed, he began marking and sawing sides and bottom.

More sawed.

Then began the process of cross-linking. Not a very easy task, most importantly want to sew as closely as possible. Crosslinking knitting and copper wire. Method sew and glue.

Once when sewn, it was necessary to remove the whole thing aside, the car has not yet decided where to place outside the garage.

This is how the body is removed and stitched to drive a car in grinding.

Even cross-linked body.

Taped seams inside in one layer.

Gradually the house began to glue the frames.

The boat was cleaned away in the garage and festivities stapled sheets I did not like. I decided to paste frames. On the side where the joints are not glued plywood, frames pasted under 2 layer of fiberglass and immediately crude pasted frames.

After the glue joints of plywood inside in 2 layers of fiberglass and assembled nose.

Up to this point glued fender. 20x30. The first rail planing and urged to give privalniku more normal appearance. Then just stuck another rail 20x30 is not what is not whittling.
On this photo you can see just how close to the stern stuck privalnik.
Gathered body lockers future.

Another view from the nose.

Then pasted between frames, of the bottom of the bottom ceiling to give stiffness when walking on them.

He started to sheathe lockers.

Even in front of the locker

Glued internal privalnik and stringers.

To seal the gap from one side to the inner privalnika.

Another view from the nose.

All primed resin inside. Turned body for pasting.


View of the rear part.
Multimeter and a soldering iron is needed for other things)))

Vykusyvaniya staples removed by grinding and excess. Similarly places unscrewed screws resin and filled the void.

I found the hood in the pit garage and screw it in place. Soon glued, primed and painted.

Paste over the hull. The bottom layer 2 overlaps with half board. (stklotkan)
Total keel came 5 layers and joints on the edges of the layer 3. Half of the beads in one layer.




Then, after drying, walked another resin and filled there where to get the air bubbles. Glued planing steps. Pochetal-1, 5m enough to 2 on one side. After a long and tedious spackling and sanding the body itself does not fotkal moment, I was the weight in the dust.
Here is a photo primed body. Prior to the ideal state of the body to bring failed. Very much I'm tired of everything. The forces at the end.
Body of groundwater 989 epoxy. 1 Kg outwards.

Once primed body.

Already a little left. The entire body of the car hides and colored enamel, is that found in the garage. Sadolin and kalomiks was in the right quantity. I buy only a hardener and solvent.

Even colored body

Block flooding.

He sewed up the whole thing.

Turned body primed primer old cars took about 1, 7 kg. Once sanded and painted. The remains of the white blue added, as was a light blue 1 kg. The other was not.

Went registered, it's not been without problems ... But we in Russia and everything is solved, I am even as it was sure that I would be asked. Was GIMS Street. Freedom. Oh well ... But the sediment remained in my pocket, and the ship passed MOT.
The result: Then screwed seats, gear, machine, prokinul cables.
Try the engine sheds, removed the engine, threw in the trunk and pulled to the country in Konakovo (Tver region)
We drove for a long time 3:10, and left for 1 night. Little sleep and rushed. Sheds motor connected distance (had to remove the tiller) regulated gas-reverse. We arrived at the water, opened the champagne poured boat and all who came and drank even a little sip. Hardly later, the bank was very inconvenient. I started the engine, stood for 10 minutes and go at idle. Feeling overwhelmed me, the joy of it all ... just the sea ... drove an hour and went home to the country. All we unloaded removed. We are already waiting shashlychek and vodka.
That is now the construction work. Maybe where it wrong. I am building a boat for the first time. Materal started to buy at the beginning of the year 2013, and built on weekdays after work from 19 to 23, and sometimes on weekends, though in recent days and detained until 00:00 hours. As a result, the construction took about 3 months. Sometimes it helps to test. I bought it was a tool: screwdriver, le. Planer, el. Jig and 2 dryer building. 1st died by the end of construction.
It remains only to fasten the glass. In'll leave.
I have everything! You can kick. Thanks to all!



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