Uninteresting facts or the humor of the absurd

Will all 20 uninteresting facts. Please include a sense of humor. Enjoy the absurdity.

1. John Lennon never swam in the lake Irtysh.

2. At the concert of Viktor Tsoi in 1985 in Leningrad never sounded "Choi alive!".

3. Pensioner Irina L. in his whole life, never ate a watermelon in winter. But states that have not given up and try.

4. In China, came up with a t-shirt for fat kids with the inscription «YES I CAN».

5. About 78, 6% of the population of the CIS countries will not be able to identify the female or the male is.

6. This Ilham Rysaev.

7. In the series "Capercaillie" channel "NTV" 160 series, divided into 3 seasons. (Very thin ...)

8. If you mix Coke and Pepsi Cola, nothing happens.

9. Scientists have proven that it is possible to look at this photo you like, but Einstein on it still will not make any movement.

10. British scientists have proved that in fact on the "Titanic" was not Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. This directorial fiction.

11. Yuri Gagarin is still considered the first man in space.

12. Son Valentin Ezhov from Vologda loves onion pancakes.

13. Peter 1 did not participate in the 2nd World War.

14. Walrus can not be found in any pet store country.



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