Custom solutions for well-known companies that have gone

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Custom solutions for well-known companies that have gone to succeed.
Business - as the action-packed movie, with its risks, crazy ideas, unexpected turns. Every company, anxious to success, there are many ways to express themselves, increase sales and win the competition. You can score their advertising airtime, you can paste over all the free space in the city posters with the appropriate inscriptions. And you can do much more original.
We offer 9 to read the most interesting stories of how well-known companies have achieved recognition and fame.

Attract star

Puma Pele paid for, that he began to tie his shoes for a few seconds before the start of the final match of the 1970 World Cup. Naturally, a close-up of this process was in the broadcast, and the whole world knew, whose shoes is the greatest football player of the planet. Such advertising was much cheaper and more effective than if managers Puma logos adorned his company the whole stadium, and it is in the years ahead ensured the success of the German company.

Buy all

In the seventies, liquid soap sold only one man - Robert Taylor of the United States. It was his invention, and he knew that this product has a great future. But there was a problem - all that he sold could not be patented. The idea of ​​liquid soap was not fresh, but just pumps were invented thousands of years before that. So that several major manufacturers of soap would be happy to have stolen the idea of ​​Taylor, smearing his tiny business.
Then Taylor decided to act and bought up all the plastic pump. Everything. There were only two manufacturers of these devices, and it has spent 12 million dollars, which at times exceeded the profits to order from them 100 million pumps. To release a number of products, the two companies would take several years. So it is not the most important part of having a liquid soap - that which it distributes all competitors Robert Taylor could only sit and bite your elbows with anger, watching his small company quietly captures the entire market. Two years later, after the risky step, Taylor sold his business to Colgate-Palmolive for 61 million dollars.

Conduct competitor

Herbert Dow founded Dow Chemical in Michigan, when he opened a cheaper way to produce chemical weapons. He sold them to industry in the United States for 36 cents a pound, but could not come out to foreign markets, since they controlled the German cartel, who sold the same tools for 49 cents. When the Dow went to the British market, the German competitor replied that began to sell its bromine in the US for only 15 cents. He hoped thereby to achieve the closure of Dow Chemical. But Dow outwitted the Germans. Instead of lower prices, it has completely stopped selling in the US and began secretly to buy German products. He repackaged it and sold in Europe and 27 cents per pound. Now, Dow Chemical - one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

Help the victims

August 5 at the San Jose mine in northern Chile there was a failure - as a result of the collapse of the breed proved to be walled up underground 33 people who met in a stone bag about 3 months before they are able to save. The company Oakley sent the miners with food, water and necessary items for a couple of his trademark sunglasses. When victims finally climbed out, they had to wear glasses - because your eyes unaccustomed to the glare of all the time spent in the mine. Persons rescued miners glasses Oakley shown on all TV channels in all the newspapers, not counting blogs and websites.

Do not arouse suspicion

At the time, motherboards for Dell computers produced a Taiwanese company. One day, this little company has offered to collect Dell computers entirely. It was not clear what use is this Taiwanese company - there is nobody finished MBA, but for Dell it was profitable, and they agreed. The agreement to work, and then the Taiwanese company offered to manage the supply chain. After that, they want more and develop their own computers. For Dell it was all very well - lower costs, more revenue. Dell is now able to do what she does - branding and Taiwanese perform all the menial work.
This system worked well, and the manager of the Taiwanese company again went to the US, but this time they have visited the office store chain BestBuy, to sell them to their computers, which were just as good as the Dell, but the cost is much cheaper. Yes, and this company is called ASUS.

Listen to the advice of consumer

Earlier in tubes of toothpaste was very small hole - only two millimeters. One of Colgate was an urgent need to increase sales, so they announced an open competition for the best idea. One man proposed to increase the hole in the tube. Then it seemed extremely stupid and irrational idea, but in the end at Colgate decided to take a chance and try it. The result is known to anyone who has ever brushed his teeth - these holes and still large. Salt was to increase the diameter of the hole by increasing the number of one-time consumption of pasta. Because of this, most people had to buy a new tube, and sales have increased dramatically.

Acting on the situation

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, once rested on the British Virgin Islands. He had a ticket for a flight to Puerto Rico, who somehow canceled. Richard had to order a charter for $ 2,000. After some thought, he divided this amount by the number of seats on the plane, found the chalk board and wrote on it: «Virgin Airways: $ 39 for a ticket to Puerto Rico." After walking to the board of the airport, he quickly filled his plane passengers. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, one person said Branson: «Virgin Airways is not too bad - it would become a good business, whether you have a better service." So he filled the aircraft, covered their costs and thought: why do not establish an airline?

Play the image

Marking the end of e-mails "Sent from my BlackBerry» came at a time when these phones were rather prestigious - they typically use top managers. So this has become a mark advertising campaign conducted effortlessly. Firstly, she said recipient that the sender has the opportunity to use mobile e-mail. Second, I informed the recipient that the message is typed keyboard phone, so you can forgive the typos and errors. The third world thus learned how to use the handy phones Blackberry as a mobile workstation. And yes - people had the opportunity to disable a signature, but they did not do that Hung additional advantages to the brand BlackBerry.

Earn on an error

In the late 80's or early 90's telecom operator AT & T launched a large marketing campaign. Every day on TV has announced that it cost to call 1-800-OPERATOR, you get access to cheaper tariffs of long-distance communication. Employees of its largest competitor, MCI, understand that people can not hear the word OPERATOR, so the registered number 1-800-OPERATER. So they received clients from among those who had the wrong number, while AT & T continued to pay for advertising.

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