Stephen King, the prose of life

Stephen King explains in detail how and why he wrote his book.


Believe it or not, but when I was six or seven years, I redraw comics and wrote their own stories. I remember I was sick tonsillitis, lay at home, had nothing to do, and I began to write stories. In addition, I was influenced by movies. I remember how my mother took me to the "Radio City" to "Bambi". I was there all surprised - and a huge hall, and a forest fire that raged on the screen. I then wrote the images, because nothing else knew.

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In "Pet Sematary" a lot of personal. There's all true - up to the moment on the road killing the little boy. We moved to a house near the road, there just drove huge trucks, and an old man who lived on the other hand, said: "So you get used to watch them go by ..." We also went to the field, let kites. And in a Pet Sematary go. Relishes, my daughter's cat, hit by a car. We buried him in the cemetery, and in the evening I heard Naomi crying in the garage. She was crying and kept saying: "Give me back my cat! God will let their cats! "I put it in a book. And all the time Owen was drawn to the road. He then was quite small - about two years. I shouted to him: "You can not do that!" And of course he just laughs and runs even faster - at this age they are. I ran after him, dragged him to the sidelines, and swept past the truck. All this is in the books. Then you say to yourself: it is necessary to go further. If you undertake to describe the grief, tell me what happens when you lose a child. And I did it. I am proud that I went all the way, but in the end it was so hard, so terrible. After all, to the final book of hope is left for anybody. I usually give my wife Tabby read the manuscript, but at the time I did not. Just finished the book and put it on the table.


I have directories where everything is organized by a rather complicated scheme. Now I am writing a novel Duma Key, and I systematized all working notes, not to forget the details of all the lines of the novel. I write the date of birth of his characters, and then calculates how old they are in such and such or such a year. Must not forget that this character tattoo on his chest, not to forget that the end of February Edgar appears bench. Because if now I have got it wrong, this confusion will then fix it all.


Well, when there is a comfortable desk, a comfortable chair, and light enough. Wherever you wrote, it is always a safe haven in which you hide of the world. The more dissociated himself from everything external, the louder the imagination. Well, let's say, if you sit by the window, sooner or later you start to look at the girls who are on the street, check out who came, who left. On the street certainly something happens and you think, but where this one was going and what he is selling out?

Daily rate

But the place is not important. It is more important to try to work every day. Here today, I wrote four pages. Previously, he wrote two thousand words a day, and even more. And now - barely a thousand pull.


I used to love to work to loud music, but now - no. When I sit down at the table, I have one task - to move the plot forward. If there is such a thing as the pace of the book, and if I read because the text is written at a certain pace, it's all because readers feel: I want to get where planned. I do not want to stick around and around and admire the scenery. Loud music helps me not to lose momentum. But then I was younger, and I have brains worked much better. Now I listen to music only at the end of the day, when viewed on a computer that did today. My wife's music is often exasperated, because I listen to the same thing several times. I am very fond of "Mambo number 5" Lou Bega. This jauntily melody in the style of calypso. And one day the wife got up to my office and said, "Steve, once again it zavedesh ... I'll kill you." In general, I'm not the music to listen to - I need it as a background.

The process of writing

I write not only on the computer, sometimes by hand, too. I hand wrote "Dreamcatcher" and "bag of bones" - wanted to know how it goes. Something has changed. First of all, it went slowly - when you write by hand, takes more time. And each time, when I started writing, I woke up in the lazy and say, "That sure?" I have after these exercises still blister on his finger. But working with drafts was much more exciting. It seemed to me that the first version to have a leaner - all because the rush did not work. After all, you can only write a certain speed. It's like racing a motorcycle or go on foot.


When I wrote "Cujo" - a novel about a mad dog - I have junk bike, and I know where it can be repaired. In mechanics was a house across the street - shop. I went there, and in the courtyard of my bike stalled completely. Then out came a hefty garage St. Bernard and went straight to me. View from St. Bernards awesome, especially in the summer. Drooping muzzle, eyes watering. It always seems as if they can not afford. He let out a low growl chest - arrrggghhh. At that time I weighed 60 pounds, and he's probably just five pounds less. The mechanic came from the garage and says, "You do not worry. He is with all this. " I held the dog's hand, and he threw himself on it. The peasant in his hand was a wrench, and he struck the dog in the ass. The sound was - like the carpet beater knocked. The dog yelped and then sat down. I remember how scared I was. If it were not for the owner with a wrench ... But it was not any plot, so sketch.

After a couple of weeks, I began to think about my wife and our Ford Pinto. We bought it when we got two and a half thousand advance for the "Carrie". The problems started from the very beginning - something was wrong with the needle valve in the carburetor. Because of this, the car would not start. I was afraid that his wife will get stuck somewhere, and thought: "And if it is also lucky to repair the car, the needle valve zapadet, and it will not budge. And if she met not just a mad dog, and actually crazy? Or maybe it will be a mad dog? »

And then in my mind, something clicked. Suffice it to some one push, and you immediately imagine a lot of details. You start to think: "Why no one came to her aid? There is also a house, live in it people. Where are they? I do not know, you answer yourself, that's the whole story. Where is her husband? Why not save her husband? I do not know, but it is to learn. And what will happen if a dog bite her? She is infected with rabies. " Already written pages of seventy, I learned that the incubation period for rabies too long, so that it is mad, there could be no reason why it happened. This is an example of how the real world intervened in the plan. It always happens: you see something, then it connects more with something and it turns out the story. But what will happen, you never know.


Many people do not like the fact that I often mention in the books all sorts of brands. But I shall never cease to do so, and no one can convince me. Because every time I do so, I feel that he was, got to the point. Here's looking at an old photograph of Michael Jordan in the jump and feel that the ball hit where it should have. Sometimes the brand name fits perfectly, it keeps the entire episode. When Jack Torrance in "The Shining" pumped Excedrin, once you understand what it means. I always want to ask these critics, some of whom are writers, and university professors, "Do you usually doing? Open the medicine cabinet and see unmarked box? Use shampoo in general, aspirin at all? Go to the store and buy a pack of beer? And in the garage you should just car? »

And I myself say, "I bet that's what they live. Some of these university professors - such as the one for which literature stood on Henry James, but if you talk to him about Faulkner or Steinbeck, he forced a polite smile - and so, they do not understand one in American literature and consider it its main advantage. And when they open the medicine cabinet, just see a box with some medications because they can not watch. " I believe that I just have to say: this is a Pepsi, okay? We must call a spade a spade. Describe what you see. Can do for the reader picture - do.


Since I work on the computer, I correct most directly from the screen. With the "mobile phone" I do just that. I was proofreading, I brought her - it was like to skate. But this is not the best option. When I was working on "history Lisi" beside me lay a printout, I create new files and reprinted all over again. This is similar to the swimming that I like. Whenever you start to edit, get another book. Because when you finish work, you say to yourself, "I do not want to write it." I understand that, just when I write. But if you try to lead a just spoil everything. Science fiction writer Alfred Bester said, "guide you book. It is only necessary to allow it to lead you to where it needs to. If not, then the book goes bad. " I had a bad book. They do not lead me anywhere. I myself had to push them around.

Fiction and truth

In my novels mysticism appears not because I want to. I will not shoving anything. It comes by itself. And the thing is that I like it. Duma Key, a novel that I'm writing - is the story of some of Edgar Freemantle, who lost an arm due to an accident. And I thought that surely there is some paranormal symptoms associated with it. I knew that people who lose their arms and legs, then experienced phantom sensations. I looked at Google, wanted to know how long it lasts phantom pain. I love Google. They found thousands of examples, and the best - about a guy who got a hand under the press - I put in the book. He took her hand, put her house in a jar of alcohol and sent to the cellar. Two years have passed. The guy felt fine. But here one winter he noticed that the hand which no longer exists, it freezes. He called the doctor and said, "no hands, and freezes it terribly." The doctor asked him what he did with his hand. The guy said that the hand is in the bank, in the basement. The doctor advised me to go check on hand. It turned out that the bank is on the shelf at the broken window, where an icy wind is blowing. He moved the bank to the battery and immediately felt better. Apparently, this is a true story.


Cigarettes, as well as all that is addictive - this, of course, is that there is evil in us. This is a delusion, and that makes you a writer, gives you all desire to put down on paper. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. If there is no work, if I can not sit down, it hurts me. Be able to write - this is happiness. As it turns out, is neither an incomparable pleasure, when I can not - still a great way to spend time. A book - proof that you do not try in vain.

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