Huge request

Here's a note was found on the windshield of the car and handed the duty of the police car owners scared.
Looks much already boiling.

Your car "Toyota -Leksus" state. №307-56 is located in the parking lot near the house on the street. Lermontov, 10.

Every night, the residents of the house have to listen to several hours of play a variety of tunes, published burglar alarm of your car. During this time, you never deigned to remotely or directly cancel the alarm, having the opportunity to do so. But you are absolutely unable to post your nocturnal orgies wake up and turn off your "siren».

I have a huge request to you: on the respect the people who live near you and try to continue to monitor the sounds of your beautiful new car. I urge you in the coming days to take it a rule to promptly turn off false alarms issued by the security system of your vehicle at the slightest extraneous sounds, such as: transportation of the patrol car along the parking lot, the barking of stray dogs, short on duty an alarm in a nearby car, etc.

If not satisfy my request in the near future (two days), and ignoring the disable signal "alarm" within 10 minutes, your luxury car will suffer the fate of the following:

First sharpened drill I almost silently'll knock the glass driver's door, sneak into the cabin, and then click to open the hood. If the alarm does not give the command to unlock the lock, I, through the mount slightly raise the hood and through the crack of 2 cm, perekushu hydraulic shears node locking bonnet, sneak into the engine compartment and broke down the on x ... plastic "siren" of your e ... alarm. Then rip out the ignition wires and put a "spider" leads to a processor pulse distribution.

Following the "siren" and fly perekushennye locks on the steering wheel and pedals. Then connected to the fuel injection system hose from the pre-laid by a 5-liter jerry cans of gasoline, throw it right under the hood. There also stretch "whip" wire to bypass the electrical. A minute later squashed by gidrotiskami lock cylinder "Multi-Lok" on the gearbox and the engine is started. Two minutes and twenty seconds I leave the parking lot on your "Lexus».

After a week of unsuccessful searching, when the power supply immobilizer sit down, I'll get out of the river submerged car in a secluded place, find b ... immobilizer, and do it in a rented garage prevention. A week later the former Your machine will beep a new alarm has another pidara like you, in another court, in another town, where I was fortunately at the moment is not.

You have to think two days left. During this time, I will try to improve your skills and try to steal your car for 53 seconds as the f ... "Lincoln - Navigator" that gave concerts under the windows at night ... my mother's apartment.


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