Why am I so tired?

All right said, Russia. The population of this country - 145 million. 50 million - Pensioners. To work is 95 million. 55 million are enrolled in vocational schools and colleges, so to work is 40 million. 10 million goes to kindergarten. 12 million - are unemployed, and another 8 million - state officials. Then, for the remaining 10 million. 2 million to hold elective office, serve on local councils, and 3 million are their staff. One and a half million are in the army, and another 2 in the Interior Ministry. Total for one and a half million remains. 800,000 are in hospitals, 699,998 - are sitting in prisons. To work remains two. You and me. And you sit here, read now and then ... I see the wall, damn it, why am I so tired! I alone and work in this country!


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