Excavations on the war. The report from the last outing!

We decided to go to other places fighting near Odessa, to find traces of the city's defense, after studying the material and communicating with the elderly was chosen the place (for obvious reasons, does not inform the place) ...
So, having got to the place and set up on the ground, the device just rolls by the first cell raised the sleeve ...

Going on to say that the cop was more than successful ...

It will be about 30 photos

Sleeve shot of machine gun MG 42 (Ger. Maschinengewehr 42) - German general-purpose machine gun of World War II. Identified by characteristic signs left by this machine gun.

Photo 2

The cell is still rang incessantly because continued deepening ... And suddenly ...

Photo 3

At first we thought it was just a tree's roots are braided all around ... But much clearer picture of clearing the land ...

Photo 4

Inspired by the discovery continue digging / clear, trying to cause as little damage to the remains ...

Photo 5

Even greater success was the discovery of nominal medallion in good readable condition. Like hanging around his neck during his lifetime, and remained the same in the cervical vertebrae. Probably kept on spermatic cord / string which rotted away over the years.

Photo 6

The opened amazed ... Nature has its own laws and rules, and some "pathetic" human remains it is not a hindrance ... Life and death in one photo ...

Photo 7

Another view ...

Photo 8

For silhouetted. The bones have lain in the ground 69 years terribly fragile, because the work went very slowly. Looking closer, in the back of the head can be seen entering a bullet hole. Cause of death becomes clear. He either was shot in the head at surrender or it finished again control shot in the head.

Photo 9

A bit of history and the reasons for the finding.
At this point the Soviet troops in '41 kept the defense of the city, so the cells were dug up by Russian soldiers. Some time later in the same cells occupy defensive positions to hold the Germans have. That is quite logical, why dig new if there ready ...? Judging by the position of the remains of German (the Hans) he fell on his right side with his back to the attacking side of our grandfathers. In general, pose reminiscent of the fetal position, legs pursed, his right hand behind his head, the left sides.

Photo 10

Brush clearing the bone ...

Photo 11

After clearing the maximum, removed the skull. Clearly becomes visible outlet ...
Bullet Russian soldier stopped Hans ...

Photo 12

Gold Fix in the tooth

Photo 13

Dig out and clear all the remains have laid them, so do not miss out and do not accidentally leave the cell (standard procedure for search engines). Accidentally waving metallic near the head, he showed the presence of iron, which we were a little surprised at first, but having carefully considered the outlet concluded that the bullet did not pass on the flight and just knocked the inside piece of skull remains there. Freed from the roots of the place which includes cervical vertebrae flattened bullet fell out. Later the body was found under the sleeve of the TT pistol, which was the reason vyrisovyvaniya last minutes of life of Hans. Being taken prisoner by the Red Army soldiers surrendered his commander (only they had guns) see the futility of defining it as a "language", let him right back of the head in the same trench. Either drove the Germans from positions caught Hans wounded there and again after the futility of defining it finished off.

Photo 14

General view of the above, to shoot Hans liner within a quantity of 300 pieces. semicircle between the legs is a horseshoe on his boot, dark stripe near-hand is a piece of leather strap with a buckle. What was strange is the fact that we did not find any sign of the difference ('s stripes, buttons and so on.), Even the remnants of clothing were found. Either he was thrown into a cell naked, or local residents carried off everything that could be worn ...

Photo 15

Cases have been a huge number ve, each stroke of the shovel pulled out a handful of the light. Hans seems to be a long shot back, but it did not help him. But each sleeve it might be someone's life, any of our grandfathers ...

Photo 16

Approximately half of the total count of

Photo 17

There were also found some pretty well preserved bullets fragment strap. The cell apparently was still second, Hans, because there were bullets from both guns and rifles on Mauser 98k- repeating rifle (in German sources: Karabiner 98k, Kar98k or K98k), officially accepted into service in 1935 . Is the main and most massive in small arms Wehrmacht. + Everything at this point brought rep kit for this very rifle (metal box), his state was of course deplorable, but still understand and identify what it was managed.

Photo 18

But since this set looks at the life of Hans, 69 years ago

Photo 19


Photo 20


Photo 21

But what happened to him after all these years spent in the land of ...

Photo 22

Further digging has become a little dangerous ... Hold down the shovel in the ground with the aim to get to the bottom of the trench heard ringing blow into something iron ...

Photo 23

Send a smoke break, think what to do, try to remember what the grenades had been in service at the time ... We agreed on the fact that the pomegranate is similar to manual fragmentation grenade M-39 (the determining factor was its shape and ring for easy transport).

Photo 24

We decided to gently undermine ...

Photo 25

Satisfied completely with what we are dealing with it have decided after all to raise ...

Photo 26

In principle, this resulted in our findings, at all about all it took 2 days. Shoveled a lot of land, tired but happy went home ... Another German in our land will be less, another Hans stopped by our grandparents in the head by a bullet to go home empty-handed ...
Now hold certain of its belonging to the military units according to the token, we set a goal to send it to his homeland for burial by relatives. Whatever it was, but it was a man and maybe he has relatives who want to bury it on a human. For their actions on our land, he paid poluchil- his death and 69 years of obscurity. Now let him removed from the lists of the missing and bury humanly.

On this I have everything. Thank you for your attention.

Photo 27



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