Models. USSR. 1:43

Scale models of cars built in the USSR. I, and all the boys in the early 80's dreamed about them. My little collection. Reminisce ...
Total 24 photos.

While several Volg

My favorite, even stretcher nominated

GAI, yes, the traffic police, not the DPS and the traffic police

Seagull, wedding car

GAZ-24, I have a Dad for the same, but only the black, the chairman of the collective farm-millionaire drove

World Festival of Youth and ... well you know more, '85

A coat of arms on the door of a

Well, this is ZIL, type Renault now, or what the factory rivet

Muscovites, they were placed on a piece of three pieces, so quickly go

They see what pickup virtually Toyota Tundra

Another story - IL Combi

Lada! They are our everything! Left - yellow deuce - my uncle was such burned

Next Volga car

Rafa, I have to Novogireevo went to the house - taxis are used to be, yeah ...

Oise, beauty

And this is a masterpiece, KAMAZ, the most favorite of the trucks, played until Dad did not see - after all model!

KAMAZ without awning

Same, but with awning

Milk, and because these really went


Sovtransavto such stickers pasted even "diplomats", which went to school - the highest class

UN, United Nations, such modelku released closer to the restructuring (who still remembers that term)

Bonus, "modelka '1975 release, before I was born. Everything you can throw your pictures. Thank you for your attention.



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