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Game World of Tanks has turned a significant portion of our male population in the tank. Distort leverage to monitor every day, millions of people sit down. However, there are those who prefer the real virtual entertainment, and they're building tanks virtually at home. To understand the features of the construction of armored vehicles, a group of reporters, "Reedus" visited CB "Zoom" - the center of the tank building in the south-east of Moscow.

Models of "scale" - a real miracle miniatures. There is no trifle, every detail matters. Put have entrenching tools, mounted on a board? The log for samovytyagivaniya, tarpaulins, jerrycans trophy under water? Be kind. Near the shovels and saw hanging a tiny box of spare parts and other accessories. You open inside, among other things, inch "bubble". Tanks "scale" does not look just go down the assembly line, they can see traces of the results, and in general to trace the entire path of the combat machines. "Each of them has a prototype, - said the head of CB" Zoom "Rinat Begildin. - We are carefully studying the photographs, documents, memoirs read before the construction of the tank ».
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Dimensions of these toys are serious: more than a meter in length, weighing about 80 kilograms. TTX - to match the size. On asphalt "massive" tank easily accelerate to 12 kilometers per hour, the two electric power enough to drag on the cable cars. The rest of the filling only increases the resemblance to the original. Through the smoke generator of muffler curls of smoke. Sound "yamahovsky" processor gives an authentic roar of cannons, machine guns strёkot, the roar of the engine and the clank of caterpillars. For each model - the sound of his own, with a minimum of practice with your eyes closed, you can see you riding a T-34 or "Tiger". Towers are equipped with paintball markers, only instead of paint balls special dry mixture in contact with it gives a nice effect fountain. Effective range - up to 50 meters.

Instead of arms - control. Manage the "scale" model is much more interesting than chasing pixel image on the monitor. Moreover, the model Begildina provide an opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of the driver or gunner. The model is equipped with special video glasses. In the tank - a pair of video cameras. By pressing a button on the remote mechanic pops out of the hatch, and now look at the world through his eyes, the first person, as in "shooter." Similar kunshtyukov takes and gunner with binoculars. The operator only needs to select its interesting "point of view". Seven-time with rangefinder optics grid enhance immersion.

"Taking advantage of the terrain and other features of the relief tank company quietly came to the fortified city. IL-2 suppressed the resistance of anti-tank artillery, armored vehicles and then seized the object. " Approximately guys write scripts that suit battle. All this beauty is not on the shelves of the studio gathering dust. Designers regularly organize in Moscow, the reconstruction of battles, for example, after 23 February. These show "masshtabovtsy" prepared very carefully: build a complete model of the city, set pyroelectric charge. In video footage of their performances look excerpts from Hollywood action: airplanes fly, throw bombs, guns snapping, here "Panther" caught fire and exploded to the right of the "cottage retreat" hanging half-burned "corpse" Fritz.

Yes, in their productions are the real actors, however, are not people, and dolls. They can be divided into 2 groups. Firstly, it is the real "star" in their "contract" agreed that they did not die a terrible death: it was too much effort goes into making them. The approach to the production of soldiers the same care as a technique. Must be 9 boots lined with copper nails - it means to be shot down nine nails. Copper. The Japanese samurai sword in a sheath of steel, you can get it, touch and clipped. "Stuntman" less fortunate: in the reconstructions they burn, explode and die. "We buy in the market for cheap Chinese soldiers, representatives of the North-Atlantic Alliance, recolor them, sew a new form, and that they are already the SS and Wehrmacht soldiers. Few of them "survive" after the battle "- said Rinat.

Model workshop has been working under the wing of DOSAAF. While this is just a cute innocent fun, a kind of business card business to themselves designers. Abroad such circles more practical attitude. The fact that each of the designers, operators models actually ready "pilot" drone. Not only did he thoroughly knows the design of its models and various nuances of a mechanical device, but also knows how to manage it wisely. "Drum" in the asphalt tank aircraft or to drown, which before that spent six months of life, it would be very disappointing. In England, the tank model and all are used to train soldiers. To this end, Albion built a special area on the scale of 1: 6. Training battles cadets schools begin there.

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