Online game World of Tanks hit the pages of the Guinness Book

Has a lot of fans all over the world online game "World of Tanks» (World of Tanks) is now marked by a certificate of the Guinness World Records.
For the sake of this world achievements in multiplayer team game World of Tanks at the same time on a single server played 190,541 players, although only a Russian tank in the popular online battles fought more than 815 000 fans of online games. At the same time all over the world in World of Tanks play more than 50 million gamers.

Participants record the event were very pleased with a dynamic game and fighting with tanks on the server RU2, one of five Russian server cluster.

The previous record was 91 311 people, to fight in the arcade game, which was a continuation of not less than once popular game "Tank Battle».

The game action game "World of Tanks» (World of Tanks) is an arcade tank simulator, which takes place during the Second World War. Online battle developed Belarusian studio

It is also worth noting that the game World of Tanks is constantly rewarded with all sorts of awards and is recognized as one of the best in the world. In general, it has already received 20 awards, including the Golden Joystick Awards, 2012 Best MMO and Gold Award.


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