Through the window of the fifth floor wanted to go

From Minsk, who lives on the 5th floor, I took a picture of the thief-climber who tried to get to his apartment

A resident of Minsk Eugene went to make tea in the kitchen of his apartment, located on the 5th floor. Imagine his surprise when, in the window he saw a man, diligently trying to break into his home.
"Bill Glass, thought the house no one cried, he did not want to fall down and wants to live, - says Eugene on his page on Facebook. - I climbed, hitting his head a couple of times, called the police, got into their car and drove away. Strange some. Polite, trodden, though. "

In the pocket of the unexpected visitor found Eugene icons. Apparently, for insurance. As it turned out, the stranger - drinker, who lives nearby. In the past - an Afghan climber. The man tried to climb out the window, picked him for centimeter ledge. As is clear from the humorous comments Eugene, he called the police and handed over to foreign voyeuristic window into the hands of law enforcement officers. As it turned out, "climber" was released after a day, he escaped with an administrative fine.



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