Dogs, cats and Bulldogs.

Fasting for dog lovers, buldogomanov, for those who like to look at nyashnye puppies and who are interested in the work of breeders and ohuliardy their profits by breeding purebred dogs. Well, just show their animals. Cat will also be, but episodically. Who will test themselves on the ability to stick a photo, if possible - make a selection.

Well, like everything turned out. In the photo is my favorite English buldozhina Chile. Being essentially useless - no hunting you or protect sensible, but very positive. She lives in the house with his girlfriend - bassetshey Betkoy

Three complacent Kotani

The house is guarded by Russian black terrier Altai, which grew out of here this chipizdrika

That such monsters

Here it ishsho, the service ...

Altai - yard dog, and only rarely comes home for service procedures. Bulldog with bassetshey contrary - the house go out just to sprinkle a little grass, and on his! private fenced area, because of problems with muzzles - the neighbors do not have. Mostly they sleep peacefully in a chair like this Makar.

Bassetsha - an unusually good-natured beast, growling, even he does not know how. Although barking very loudly and bass. Blonde and pretends to believe in what it is - a cat ...

Due to the special appearance by eating some gruel invented supersposob that afternoon not to wash the dog and the kitchen along with the walls. Greenpeace not to worry - clothespins very soft, the peso, doevshi just shakes them in one motion.

Plate stands next to the stove, the box with a handle - ash pit is called)) oven fired with coal, like this

And this is - bassetshin size compared to taksikom. Well, that idea was.

Bassetsha transformed during the hunt. It is, in fact, hound, with a lovely scent, tireless presledovatelnitsa production ... Photos with no hunting at all, we are not hunters, hunting bassetshu we take a "rental".
Buldoginya benefit in its own way, it is an inexhaustible source of joy and good cheer to all our family and friends tnashih, universal favorite, clever and ... um ... indescribable beauty))

She loves all children. Of course, most of our daughter).



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