Since I bought the Japanese miracle of engineering thought

Since I bought the Japanese miracle of engineering thought - Prius, regular screen did not give me rest, everything like that, he showed not only the workers, "cartoons", but also something else.
Almost immediately after the purchase I bought one a good person BU TV tuner Absolute (need to activate the video input on the monitor), for not very much money - life has become merrier =)

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Now screen me more was left, really wanted to throw Navigator Labov glass and began ...
I bought almost 10 sput prolodzhi tape recorder, which (as it seemed to me) met all my requirements.

For a long time I was all arranged, but as time went on and I began to miss the features of Chinese mayfuna and the buggy it is to terror, stopped working WMO SD-card, and then the USB input, rather they work, but only when they feel like it =) < br />


I'm tired of the whole thing and thought about building a PC-Car in its train. Money was not the usual, and I decided to do so, that is available.
First assembled computer on Athlone dual-core with a conventional screw and two gigs of RAM, it's all stuffed into the body of the old Vydac, video taken from the video card Radeon (the benefit of almost all the old video card has a S-Video analog output), the power taken from the normal ATX power supply and I am plugging it into bespereboynik shorter ... avno full =)



and more


Connected to this all-in TV tuner on the VCR input and then I heard the sound of head unit Prius, and there also threw out of the car this zloschastny "bedsore". The only thing that greatly strained is catering for this wonderful company, the efficiency tends to zero, and the heat from that wild BP, and from everything else, and a lot of noise.
From that moment I thought even more to make a normal PC in the car, the good parts the sea. He recalled that in the bins there are old, but pretty moschshy laptop ACER, with a broken matrix and without screws. Connect it to a monitor - rabotet. Naschel screw stuck, put Windu and began to think how the whole thing vkolhozit in a wheelbarrow. The only problem was to organize analagovy video output, but our Chinese brothers have invented everything for us =) resulting in Aliekspress was acquired Converter VGA to RCA powered from the USB connector, and a fairly good performance. At the same time Ali and ordered a glass touch controller. It went all this about a month.

Once received the parcel went to break the car, vooruzhivsis five liters of beer =) Disassembled front panel,

Carefully conducted USB Wire in bardachёk and went to bed, four-something me five liters specifically razvezlo;) The next day, took apart the laptop, stuffed inside a miracle Yudo video converter, set the centrifuge, promptly inserted music and videos, and went to the car to finish the begun business.
Very long I thought and tried on Kuzia laptop stick, at first wanted to cram into the trunk where I stood, and the first computer, but on reflection rejected the idea so as soon as the winter and it is unknown how the laptop will behave in -35. I decided to push under the passenger seat, dismantled obschivku threshold prakinul wire video, power, from the power button and the two extensions USB.



the monitor itself



USB touchscreen controller

Supply is connected to the fuse box. Video and video monitor connected to the recorder directly, so as to have the laptop built-in tuner AVER-TV, and the VCR button constantly poking tired. TV-tuner was only to enable video and audio inputs.

Next dismantled socket Prius and pre-cutting the old track to a button navigazii soldered two wires to them I connected the power button nouta.


USB output from nouta brought in bardachёk located where a USB hub, and connected to a second touch the glass.

wire from the stitch

power wires, video audio and USB

Let's include ... He stsuko not included ((((I'm upset that all again disassemble, then I thought a little bit more and sipped a beer, I started the car and a computer to work, the whole trick is that his defense on nutrition low naprugi. BP produces nouta 19-21 volts and 13 volts laptop is turned off to shut down Windows. This I liked the layout, so as if I park the forget to turn it off it does not drain the battery. calibrate the touch, set up windsurfing and centrifuge and joyful ran Shop for additive =)
More bought a USB controller GPS with antenna and the whole thing stuffed under the dash. Scratched gamepad eight buttons connected to the standard & gt; & gt; and & lt; & lt; and configured to switch tracks, and the CD button to switch the source to tsentrefuge.

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Video how it works STE:

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I'm still kicking ...



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