How do I get the card in the savings bank

Decided to make a map of the BEAC ...

Went designed wait card - a week!
Well, difficult process, hollow out on a piece of plastic ... ord name.

A week passed. go to the office. all as it should be. standing, waiting for a miracle. the card is ready ...

Issued !!!

Crooked shit chew and speak, but the type of chip is not dented, will work ...
(For the issuance of cards 750 pe which are on the account as "minusĀ»)

Take the card, insert it in their office in ATM, shove bill to repay the "debt" for issuing the card.
Greedy green machine ate delicious smacking bill, and does not give the card back !!! can not physically. Chewing a piece of plastic, curved in three dimensions, there stuck ...

Sweetheart worker that ye th office says, let us re-issue you a card? Barely a week will be ready !!!

I'm in shock ... what more week! I say close this card and return the money that I had put on it, I do not need shit crumpled.

Fig-you. Return the money to a statement issued after a month when the card cancellation or re-issue and another week to wait !!!



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