How will life with January 1, 2014

The most important facts about the changes with the new year will rise in price as gasoline, cigarettes and tickets for the subway, in which countries can enter without a visa, what products will disappear from the shelves, etc.

Expensive tickets for the subway, ground transport and trains

Unexpected innovation Department of Transportation, which angered so many: a new year a trip on the subway will cost 40 p. instead of the current 30 p., and two - 80 p. instead of 60 p. Tickets for four or more visits will not change. This is done, according to an official statement, to reduce queues at the ticket counter, budget savings in the production of forms and nature conservation. Since January 1, the price will rise and travel on ground public transport: for one trip - from 25 to 30 p., Two - from 50 to 60 p. More money will have to spend on the train: The trip will rise by 6-7% (the cost of the ticket depends on the number of areas that need to cross).

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Banks will compensate the stolen money from the card

January 1 comes into force a new article of the law on the national payment system. Its main point is that now the bank is obliged to promptly inform the client of any transactions: cash withdrawals, expenses and receipt of money. Some banks have already placed on their sites appeal to customers to provide them with their mobile numbers to send information about write-offs by SMS. At first it was assumed that otherwise the customer card can be blocked - but yesterday the Central Bank forbade banks to do it. According to the same article, now the banks are obliged to return the customers money stolen by hackers from the account - but only if they applied for one day from the date of the theft.

Odintsovo Bypass will be paid

Since January 1, travel on the road between Moscow and Minsk highway detour Odintsovo, will be paid: the owners of cars will pay an average of 10, 35 p. per kilometer. Motorway length of 18, 5 km open it as recently as November. Terminals (separately - for those who pay by credit card, and separately - for cash) are already. Wait for the cancellation of the fare is not: the disposal of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says that the toll road will be 99 more years.

Gasoline, tobacco and alcohol rise

Earlier this year, come into force amendments to the Tax Code, the rate increase excise taxes on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco products. This will lead to a significant increase in prices: for example, Cchitaetsya experts, a pack of cigarettes will rise in price by an average of 9 p. (especially strong rise cheaper cigarettes). Gasoline, according to various forecasts, may grow by 10-15%. That is a liter of AI-95, which is in Moscow now costs about 33 p., To the end of 2014 could grow to 37 p. (especially gloomy forecasts predict all 40 p.) and promise a significant increase in the price of vodka - by 17% in comparison with 2013 year. The cheapest bottle will cost 199 p. for a half-liter.

The end of the ultra-expensive loans

Earlier this year, come into force a new law on consumer credit. Its meaning is as follows: interest rates on consumer credits can no longer be 1000% per annum. From now on, the total price taken from the bank or from the so-called microfinance institutions (they just love pulling up rate) of money can not exceed the average percentage by more than a third (this percentage will calculate the central bank).

In addition, borrowers can now for 14 days ahead of schedule to return the borrowed money, without notifying the lender in advance, and paying only the interest (usually for such tricks cans fined). Lenders also with the New Year are required to indicate the full cost of the loan: on the front page of the contract, in the most conspicuous place.

Machines with Lithuanian numbers will evacuate

From 1 January of the Moscow traffic police will evacuate cars with foreign license plates, violating parking rules. First of all, we have in mind with the Baltic machine rooms, which in Moscow was particularly large. Now owners can actually break the traffic rules as you like, and no penalties, no evacuation they will not get any (but fined the owners of cars with foreign license plates will not be able to and January 1).

Kindergartens rise and introduce electives

January 1 comes into force a new standard of preschool education, which, according to idea should greatly change the Russian kindergartens. As explained by the creators of the document is now the goal of educators - not to prepare a child for school, and reveal his individual abilities and develop potential. Accordingly, the class will not be the same for everyone, but different - depending on what she loves and knows how to make a child.

The program is divided into two parts. The first (obligatory) include an explanation of how to behave in society, what is good and what is bad, and other basic things, and the second (in the choice of parents) - English, creative activities, and more. In addition, the document implies that kindergartens should be a separate program for children with disabilities.

Also, the standard stipulates that the new year charged with parental fee may exceed one-fifth of the total expenditure on child care agencies and care (previously could not). So the money parents will probably have to spend on kindergarten anymore.

In South Korea, you can travel without a visa

Since the new year between Russia and South Korea will work visa-free regime. This means that Russian tourists will be able to stay in Korea without a visa for no longer than two months (the same rules will apply for Koreans in Russia). For those who want to learn, live and work in South Korea, the rules remain the same - no visa is necessary.

No more Norwegian fish other than salmon

From 1 January in Russia will cease to import certain types of fish and its derivatives from Norway with 29 companies, to which have not yet reached the Rosselkhoznadzor inspection. How to assure the Office, the veterinary service Norway has no control over the security of supply. This fish of the salmon family (which is, for example, salmon, pink and chum salmon) ban misses. Deliveries to businesses that Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors had verified the ban will not get.



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