Paving: inside and out

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Let me explain: my husband decided to put the tiles in the courtyard, courtyard large, 70 kV, and the money is not very much. I thought - why not make it yourself? .. Break the Internet, decided that in the teeth. It was bought polypropylene molds for tiles, 60 pieces (they 30R), a concrete mixer. My husband did vibrating table - a large tractor tire, the motor of the old stiralki with weights, and most of the table top.
What is bad, we do not have guessed fotkat making process, only at the stage of laying photographed. So I'll tell you, this post could be a picture in the summer ... but do continue.
60 form is a little more than 2 square meters of tiles laid, figured that making will take a month, if it is every day, as well as the husband works 2/2, then spent 2 months. However, 3 hours a day - not very annoying.
To do everything by the rules - added plasticizer (increases the strength of concrete), the proportions do not write, I do not remember - who should find Old. The mixture obtained is very thick - thicker than pouring the foundation, and how to put on a vibrating table - quickly spread. Twenty-four hours at least in the form of tiles was when otlezhus more ... Then in the shade under a canopy, in the p / e packets (the humidity increases the fortress). Most hemorrhagic been - apply it vykolupyvat form))) In cloudy weather, it vylazit there would not - then saved a bowl of boiling water, expanded form and tiles fall out easily. And so, almost always hot ...
We then went looked ready for the shops - our no worse, and even better than some had)) So now with photos - 40 pcs, do not break. Forms are (took the first available pictures from the site)

Breaking the old asphalt (30ti years ago)

Form - clover, not gradkaya and shagreen, ripples (had to take a smooth - this tiles dirt adheres better)

Contrary to expectations - breaks down very easily.

As after the bombing ...

My pomoschnicheG (gates wide open, so tied)

Asphalt necessarily shoot, you do not want to then bubbled tiles from water that has frozen beneath the winter.
We bring the sand tachanka, went smoothly KAMAZ sand (that it was an ass, and not a day ... did everything together with her husband)

But during a break - the game "Soak bulldog» ..))

It seems that the sand too much - nothing like that, all sit.

On the beach ...

Diligently ulivaem sand hose, and trample down feet. Between filling with sand and the start of installation took about a week - tamped it should be very good. Sand cool hurting, then the course used rammer.

Husband puts curbs on the solution of all the threads, a thread stretched along the water level in the direction of the flower garden from the gate bias, see 7.

All clear))

Flower fence was removed, now we have a thread beautiful in the next year to come up with ...

You can see the Rammer - purely by chance found in the rubble, and that's how handy ... Yes, poles set - is shed from the garage then there will be (there is also big restructuring is coming)

We put the guide in the sand on a thread, a thread must clearly go - without gaps, but the layer of sand should be below these rails 1-2 cm, so we remove the excess.

And are willing to mix with cement to fill up an even, to this mixture sit tiles.

Fall asleep mixture in place, ramming and leveling rule.

Anorexia is the work - which is constantly pitted at this stage climbs - terribly enrages))

Another and very hot, dry on the surface of the eyes (which is not very good)

Well begun ... The sand tile does not go away, it is well compacted, just standing, and then held each other for a mallet ... podstukivat that was exactly - and a handful of sand ... Sometimes the truth had to pour some where.

He perched on the ass clean and tenechek - the chief overseer.

Do not forget to pull out the guide and plug the hole with cement sand ...

The yard is not a perfect rectangle, so the tiles on which side should go sideways a bit. We decided to be blind area of ​​the house, and went from the flower bed bumpy corner. So less noticeable distortion.

Eyes on the blind area.

At the same time the gap between the tiles hammered cement-sand mixture. (By this I worked in his spare time) only went, bitch, drizzling rain, and a mixture of wet and instantly ingrained in the tiles. So I namuchalas, dislodging it g ... But then were more intelligent)))

Chief superintendent.

It is packed in 1 day (not even in the morning)

Already something emerges. Interestingly, tiles laid on different days initially varied hue - then all equal.

Go ahead ...

Work rammer.

And in the background is seen, by the way, shed with stacks of finished tiles

Already on thumb))

Bought knee pads for the job - it is inconvenient to them ((Better))

The main part is over, it remains the most dreary - fitting cut parts.

The form of tiles is not very useful for this, rectangles easier fit.

Ready views.



On the whole laying took 8 days, it seems.

Well, not to spoil the statistics, the one who most of all did not care ...



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