On the run

- Today I am a Man 3 place lost in the bus!
- Place?

Persistent camel 3:00 pereplevyvaet with Gopnik.

In the mountains of the Caucasus found a boy, raised goats. When he came down from the mountains, the nazanimal lot of money and disappeared somewhere.

- What are your weaknesses?
- Uncommunicative.
- Your dignity?
- Neboltliv.

If you hate the foam in a glass of beer, do not worry - it blow away half of their neighbors in the table. By the time you go up from the floor, the other half is already settled.

I love to go to work! And with the work! But those 8 hours between walking, just enrage!

- As your cat's name?
- Day or night?

On the slippery porch of cultural people is sharply reduced.

This morning at the bus stop saw a werewolf. Although maybe it was just a very hairy guy. In any case, the silver bullet worked.

Chinese filmmakers can afford disposable stunt.

Timothy did not know on the street and beaten.
He was lucky that did not recognize.


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