The mystery of the death of the group Dyatlova may be disclosed

The investigation into the death of the group Dyatlova can resume. Found new evidence of man-made version of the tragedy that occurred in the Northern Urals more than half a century ago.

Researchers say the riddle of the XX century, could soon be shed light on the mystery terrible tragedy that occurred in the Northern Urals in the distant 1959. So the answer to the question of why then pass on the ring, which is now named after Dyatlov, killed a large group of tourists, can not give anybody. The documents in the case were stored under the heading "made a secret».

Head of the Foundation for the Memory Group Dyatlova Kuntcevich Yuri said: "From ignorance of silence and we went to an open conversation with someone who has this information. We expect a result, he was about to be. There are documents that are on the examination verified. They are open to us. But we can not articulate them, since it is necessary to check ».

About tragedies group Igor Dyatlov written dozens of books, documentary film, and even a Hollywood blockbuster. Versions - one another improbable. Some believe that tourists are held hostage to spy games of the Cold War, others - that they were attacked by a UFO.

January 23, 1959 nine students of the Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute went to multi-day hiking in the mountains of Northern Urals. The expedition members were planning to go to ski 350 kilometers. Travel on snow-covered mountains, then it is much more dangerous than it is now - no GPS-sensors or satellite phones. Hoping for help in case of emergency was useless. However, the group was and professionals who do not just have to take part in challenging expeditions.

Igor Dyatlov and his companions stood on a spur of Mount Kholat Syakhl. Put up a tent, they were ready for the night: removed the robe and gathered for dinner. But at this moment it was that inexplicable. Frightened tourists cut the tent and jumped out and ran down the hill.

When the students did not return home on time, it organized a search expedition. The bodies of five participants of a hike in the woods found missed first trimester abortion, four more dead found only in the spring by the creek.

Until now, the most important issues remain unsolved. Why do tourists do not come back to the tent, froze in the forest at 30 degrees of frost without clothes and shoes? Where they have a serious injury? They are so scared?

Classmate Dyatlova Tamara Kochneva believes that the tourists were in the area where the testing secret weapons, and became the victim of a random test. This is also strange lights, which have been preserved in their film, and the fact that the clothes were later found traces of radiation. "The regime of secrecy created around not allowed to bury here at St. Michael Cemetery, and were going to be buried in Ivdel, parents persuaded. In the tent rolled something terrible must have exploded, blinding them, "- she says.

Not far from the place where the tragedy occurred, then the researchers found fragments of missiles. Lead engineer of the Institute of Radio Navigation Eugene Brawlers claims that these events they have nothing. He explained: "The fact that they found" samovar "and dragged two fragments of the rocket - this is how it turned out, was a rocket UR-100, which only began designing in 1963. Since radiation is also an interesting fact to find out. It turns out that radioactive five was a New Earth. It was found that in 1957-1958 there were tested, 27 air explosions capacity of 20, 5 megatons. This is more than the duration of the [nuclear] tests in Semipalatinsk ».

According to Eugene Buyanova, tourists from the tent kicked avalanche that came down the slope. The solution was covered with snow, the tent had to be cut to get out. But this is only half version. Why do not they come back for my things back? While this remains a mystery.

After more than 50 years, the tragic circumstances of Dyatlov Pass Incident still remain mysterious and cause a lively debate. The TV channel "Russia 1" showed the film "The Secret of the mountains of the Dead" the death group Dyatlov.
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