Cat House - Expanding cat living space!

Not so long ago I was concerned about the immediate future.
When in the house growing up ten kittens, you should consider how it will look like in three-monthly age :)
Already on tails, ears and feet cramped and adult cats who are not mothers of the gang began to suffer. They have no place to rest from the merry kittens ...

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With cats we live for a long time and understand what to do, and that it was interesting and helpful people at the same time.
In our case, it was necessary to create space for the cat's movements and additional space for solitude adult cats that are slightly smeared on the area and stopped kuchkovatsya on the couch :)

A decision was made one of the walls in the hallway to give cats.
They took off the sizes opened AutoCAD ... :)
It was developed a few options. One did not like how things will look in the end, in the other - the hall became too small for the passage, in the third by cats inconvenient to use, in the fourth ... actually figured this way and that, but found a viable option ...

I have a studio where I have to work to do things out of wood, metal and glass. Inquiries from customers are the most unexpected, so in general the tools to do almost anything. Oh and for cats that will do the more your heart desires :)
We advocate moderation, gypsy do not like to do the same in fact not just a decorative thing, but something, what others will not only enjoy, but will also be all the forces trying to break :))
The material chosen plywood. It was possible to make an array or plywood veneered with valuable varieties of wood in the color of door or in the kitchen, but then visually would be "eaten" space :)

The greatest joy was happening at the kids! what an interesting maze brought !!!
But it was not without horror ... screwdrivers trying to attack Marusyu, well that Mile was there and came to the rescue :)

The result had been here a Cat House.
From the floor staircase on which podnimaeshsya to turn platforms and jumps on the shelf.
You can stay sleeping on this shelf, but you can go even higher and get to the top. There, too, you can sleep, you can hide from the vacuum cleaner, and escape from the kids :)
Lower the ladder rather flat, to make room for the kids to climb and. But the staircase leading upstairs steeper. There can only be reached by adults. Kids so high nothing to do!

Size mattress on the bed is not sewn. When you do something for a client, but for themselves - you can not rush :)
They put some of ours, it is larger in size, but the bottom of the slip material. I would not want the cat or kitten in a dream slid from the shelf to the floor with a mattress :)
When the bench is stitched on the size, it will be fixed to a shelf Velcro :)
But cats and liked so :)

That's the way the left can be seen the cup that received the candy, when she became Best of Best at the exhibition Royal Canin system ICU. I wrote about this :)
Beneath the cup tray for younger kids. They may not all go to the toilet stalls, so we keep one here. Sometimes it somebody sits down.

Girlfriends have mastered a new space instantly :)

We now have a much sweets escape the kids. It is not a coward and a high climb. Although not all cowards, Malyshok with Juanita already familiar :)

Candy watched with great interest on top of the life of a kindergarten :)

At the second stage the march stairs wider and deeper.
I did it to the girls not afraid to go there, well and comfortably, of course. all still high, I was worried for them :)
The top rim is made couch. One could also make it concave, like the bottom, but we decided that it can hang over his head in this case. Rim enough, he will not let anyone fall :)

Above the door and above the shelf videte piece of wire?
Upstairs I have a mains output (during repairs, 10 years ago, what is laid to a cable with a switch in the hallway), racked their brains for something to come up with interesting there.
Banal not want to hang the lamp. Make a heated mat for cats - so they are never out of there slezut :)
In general I think :)

The site is designed precisely to make it convenient to get up and turned around and jump to the ledge.
When you need to get off the shelves, too, needs a U-turn.
In one embodiment, we have charted instead reversal was the usual site of the regiment. When did the model, it became clear that it is impossible to use it :)
As a result, they did so as it is now - was very convenient!
Now we think - does it make sense to do anything on the court a covering? Sisal for example? Cats and do not slip on the wood, but will look better. Probably when deciding tie the appearance of the mattress on the bed. We need to because it looked perfectly :)

Someone has obzhil uppermost couch :)
It can be seen in the reflection of the glass door :)
Candy probably.

Shelf hollow, with a rigid frame. Fastened to the wall using hidden fasteners, which is delayed from the bottom.
We have not anything to laminate, just sanded and covered with transparent matte varnish.
It looks very nice, I am sorry I am not able to shoot the interiors to show all decorative items. I'll try later :)


Children are also interested. As long as they have fun on the floor with a sofa, but has some curiosity examines :)


Summary: These objectives have been met and goals achieved. In the big cat family appeared two secluded place where you can relax on the team, and for kids the lower ladder of great interest in physical culture. The corridor was able to leave the same comfortable as ever, while the interior has not suffered even become more harmonious. All were satisfied. From the beginning of the first measurement and design to installation took 10 days :))



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